Posted by: angelnorman | February 13, 2008

Snow love.

Last night, I got home at almost 10, put Nicholas to bed, had an argument with Mike about impending chores and their deadlines, and feverishly went to work on making Valentines for the party this morning. I carefully made every single little goody bag, filling each of them with all the goodies I purchased the other day just for the kids in our playgroup. While I’m doing this, Mike made the icing for the cookies and then cleaned the master bathroom out of guilt. Mostly because he didn’t realize I had so much on me today… all the running to and fro I’d have to do and all, and so I think he started feeling bad because last night school got out early and he had the whole house to himself. (Two hours of him sitting at his computer, btw.) By the time we were said and done with those things, it was midnight, and we were dog-tired. And don’t worry, I did apologize to Mike for biting his head off. I am just so pressured! Still, I had no right to take out my crap on him.

My schedule for today looked like this.
1. Get gas. For the car, not for myself. (*snort, snort*)
2. Go to post office. Drop off Valentines cards for the grandparents.
3. Go to party. Have fun at party. Give the goody bags out. Eat lots of dessert.
4. Leave early to get lunch since the bread is moldy and sandwiches could not be made in advance.
5. Go to bank. Finally cash that check Ashlee wrote me like 9 days ago.
6. Laundry. I have no clean sweaters to take with me to Chattanooga and it’s going to be in the 40s there. So I need some sweaters.
7. Scrub down: Guest bath and tub.
8. Scrub down: Master bathtub.
9. Dust entire house. Vacuum entire house. Put a blow torch to entire house and call it a day. (No, it’s not that bad. I’ve seen much worse.)
10. Sweep and Mop Kitchen.
11. Make sense of my bedroom. There is stuff everywhere, and there’s no excuse for this!
12. Clean out the fridge and make room for groceries. Um, and get those groceries.
13. Watch kids. Poor Jen needs my help.
14. Try to go to the Y and fight your status as a lard ass.

Clarification: some friends will be staying in the house for us and watching the dogs, and I don’t want those friends to live in filth while they’re here. I, after all, am not paying them, and because they do not have a house of their own, I want this to feel like a vacation for them too. Basically, I would not like to stay in a dirty hotel room and I don’t want them to feel like that is what they are staying in, get it? But as of right now, that’s almost exactly what they would be staying in (minus the whole nasty bedding that can be scrutinized by the blacklight or condoms in the trash cans.)

I don’t want them to be afraid to walk around shoe-less for fear of turning their socks gray or to be surrounded by clutter and dirt while they’re snuggly in my bed. I just want the house to be as guest-ready as possible. And I know that my friends will ensure that it stays this way too, so when I get back home from Chattanooga, I won’t have anything to do to my stinkin’ house except of course the laundry from Nick’s time with his grandparents and friends and our amazing and wonderful vacation. Anyways, making sure that my friends are comfortable here and that they have some food to eat while I’m away is the LEAST I can do for the free house- and dog-sitting.

That aside, I should probably also tell you that I have been so stressed out this week just trying to get everything done. I mean, two blogs now about how much stuff needs to be done just so I can go on vacation! I’m sorry for being repetitive, but I’m overwhelmed. I’m running around crazy trying to make sure everyone is happy, trying to live up to obligations, trying to work (as in write!) and trying to make money and trying to clean and cook and run this household and help friends when they need it and I’ve just had absolutely no time to think about what is the best way to get it all done.

This, however, is what I woke up to this morning:


And because I am from the south where snow happens maybe once a year, I’m not really confident enough to drive in it. So ’round here a snow day means only one thing- a day off!


Now I can finally tackle the house and do it at my leisure. Sucks that all the grandparents won’t get their VDay cards till this weekend. Also sucks that we have nothing to eat for lunch (I’ll be calling the local pizza place) and that we have to miss our party this morning (and I now have 12 Valentine’s goody bags to hang on to until the next time I see these kids, which isn’t necessarily at the next playdate.)

But Nick’s amazement with the weather does not suck. He was such a grump when he woke up. I told him I had a surprise for him, so I wrapped him in a fleece throw and opened the door. We stood there a minute with him still pretending to sleep on my shoulder. So I said, “Open your eyes and see what it is!” A few seconds later he sweetly said, “Oh wow! It’s snowing.” He was smiling and remarking about the big white flakes and why our sidewalk wasn’t completely covered. He was fascinated. So I plopped him down on the couch and promised him he could watch it from the windows.

He was captivated.

I’m going to let all the anxiety go about things I cannot do today. I am. I’m going to enjoy this day and clean at a snail’s pace if I want because I have an entire day to do that now. (Jen said she no longer needed me to babysit so by an entire day, I mean an entire day and night… unless Mike is up to driving us to the Y.) I’m going to be grateful that I get a time out like this, you know? Even though I have to push off so much till tomorrow and even though we’re missing out on so much, I’m refusing to look at this as a burden.

It’s a snow day. It’s a hot cocoa kind of day. Its a snuggle up on the couch and watch the snow fall kind of day. And I’m going to be thankful for every minute.


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