Posted by: angelnorman | February 14, 2008

Finally done with most of the housework.

I finally figured out what can get me back on track when I have lost my way. Like an answered prayer, the secret to catching up on housework has been revealed to me. It is really quite simple, and I should have caught on to it before. So let me share with you what has helped me achieve my goal of an almost-spotless household. Let me revel with you in my clean bedroom (which hasn’t been this normal-looking in ages) and my clean bathroom, and the laundry which is all clean and mostly all put away. Let me just say that I have only one hour or so worth of work left to do, and it can wait till Saturday…. doesn’t that just make you giddy? Well it does me. And do you want to know how I achieved this?

I broke my computer.

That’s right. I was out of a computer all night. So guess what I did? I used me spare time to clean. And do my bible study. And clean some more. And organize some pictures. And fold all the laundry. And make my valentine’s decor. And fill out Mike’s cards from Nick and I. And I accomplished this all because I didn’t have a computer, with the internet, to run to all night. I didn’t have an Instant Messenger program open, with available friends to chat.

And because my husband was fixing my computer, I didn’t have a tv-watching buddy to help me procrastinate further.

So all that is left is the general dusting, vacuuming, and mopping of the kitchen. There will be things to maintain I’m sure but the bedroom and master bath being practically spotless, along with all linens being cleaned and put away is just… such a relief. FINALLY, I am caught back up. I’m back on track. I’m less stressed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

I will upload a pic of my craft later as my camera is still not connected to the PC. I will just say this. I bought the paper at Hobby Lobby the other day because I fell madly in love with it and needed to have it, of course. And I am glad that I made something so lovely out of it to greet me and the fam (and our friends) as we come into the house in the next few days. It’s just a little scrapbooking, on standard cardstock, and it spells out “LOVE”. It is hanging over the door to my kitchen, under the picture ledge.

Love is important enough to stay on our minds until St. Patrick’s Day, I think. Then beer can take its place. I am envisioning beer-bottle garland… don’t worry. I’d never go that far.


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