Posted by: angelnorman | February 15, 2008

Post-Doc Wrap-up.

Some pics I’ve been meaning to share can be found here, if you’re interested. My webhost is being retarded yet again so I had to use my ghetto Flickr account, which I’ve only used like one other time in my life. Booo.

 I like this pic the best though. Nevermind the cereal mess or the chocolate on his cheek. I took this pic this morning. You see, he woke up at 5 am asking to watch Toy Story. Nice… Well, I let him because I actually, for the first time in WEEKS, sleept for at least 5 hours without interruption, and was feeling better than I have in a long time. So I figured, what the heck? Let’s watch Toy Story! So we did that, and at around8, we had breakfast. By 9, he was like this, curled up on the floor. Haha. It cracked me up to walk into the living room and find him like that, 15 minutes after I brought him a cup of milk. It’s a tough lesson to learn, eh? You get up too early, and naptime will hunt you down.

And speaking of him, he’s 30 lbs and 39 inches tall and is perfectly healthy and normal according to our doctor’s visit yesterday. Woot.

However, the visit was quite… traumatic to say the least. Firstly, I had to lie to my doctor about the amount of junk food that Nick eats. He asked me if I limited junk food to “special treats” only, and I thought about it and although I said yes, the truth is that he eats something sweet like every day. And oatmeal creme pie… a bag of fruit snacks… a sucker… chewing gum… something is always there and I’m always giving it to him. So that really made me feel very badly about his current diet. It’s one thing to be a pig myself but to teach my kid those bad habits is a total other thing that makes me feel really guilty.

Secondly… Nick didn’t like being checked over AT ALL. Apparently he was taken by surprise when the nurse stuck the ear thermometer in his left ear and got a reading of his temperature. He shook and immediately put his hand over his ear like something had just stabbed him. I asked him if it hurt, and he said no, but he would NOT remove his hand from his ear. He kept saying aloud, “I don’t want that in my ear.” Even three minutes later, when I was lying about the amount of junk he eats, he was still covering his ears and repeating that he did not want the thermometer in his ear.

So then the nurse leaves and I’m left there with Nick, who is completely freaking out and still holding his ears. I asked him what he thought he was doing. He said, “He not check my ears.” I assured him that he would indeed check his ears and nose and mouth and probably eyes too. Well, that was the least sensitive (and apparently the scariest) thing I could have said at that time, because he then sucked his lips inward, closed his eyes, and buried his face in my chest.

When the doctor came in and started prodding around on him, Nicholas was having none of it. First he downright refused to cooperate, and then he shook violently and screamed. He flailed his arms, kicked his legs, shouted at us to “Stop!” It really freaked me out ’cause I had no inkling at all he would have behaved this way prior to our appointment. I had to actually restrain his hands… all because of the damned ear thermometer! Can you believe it? Nick has always been REALLY good at the doctor’s office. He’s even sat patiently through shots before. He has changed so much though, and I know this. So how come I’m still expecting him to be the same ol’ kid I dealt with last year?

Well, I gotta run now. We’re playing with our action figures and I’ve been chosen to be the villain. So I have banks to rob and innocent bystanders to punch.

Hallelujah it’s Friday.



  1. I’m feelin ya on the whole Dr.’s visit! Abby does the whole freak out thing every time we take her to the Dr!!! It’s awful, they know her as soon as she walks in! The Dr. gets kicked and punched every time we go in! And it sometimes take me, Scott & the Dr. to hold her down, so she can get checked out! It’s awful! Hopefully Nick will get better and this was just a one time thing for him! Take Care!

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