Posted by: angelnorman | February 22, 2008

Home office woes

I’m really sorta bummed still about my trip to IKEA. Firstly, it’s way too far for me to go to not come back with exactly what I really wanted. Sure, I got some really cool things– stuff that I just picked up after an hour of walking through the place. (You know it’s not going well when your husband says to you, “Are you seriously not seeing anything you want yet?”) So I decided to get the cool magnetic railing with the metal canisters for my spices… and a large rectangular basket to hide the breads on top of my fridge… and some placemats to make a pegboard on the pantry door. But it wasn’t what I really wanted; it was just stuff I felt like picking up so as not to spend all our money at IKEA on Nicholas’s room (and I did buy him a lot there….)

In this instance, what I wanted the most was essentially an entirely new office. Desks especially. Smaller ones, in case we have another baby and need to split the office up into other rooms. You see, we have a tiny third bedroom that we’re currently using as an office. The problem with this is not the size of the room but the size of the furnishings within the room. Michael has had this huge corner desk for as long as I’ve known him. He says it’s “nice” but the truth is that it’s not even real wood and it’s definitely not our style (and by OUR style I mean my style of course). Meanwhile, I’m running things on this el cheapo desk that is also not real wood, that is as ugly as all get-out, and that has a matching bookcase if that tells you anything about the office at all. Okay, so my dream office would be something like this:

Ooh, pretty...

Or this…

(Images from Pottery Barn)

Obviously, I can’t afford Pottery Barn. Well I could, but then mortgage wouldn’t get paid. So I wanted to just take the basic idea of shelving and organizational products ON THE WALL, which is a trademark of IKEA’s anyways if you ask me, and just do it all cheaper. It doesn’t HAVE to look like those pics. I mean, I don’t need fancy; I just want to look and feel put-together. I want shelving! And a nice desk that doesn’t have Spiderman stickers all over it! I want my own nice space. And since I’ve been actually writing in my office, as in novels and not just blogs, it’s important that my workspace look the way I want it, I think. I mean, I don’t think it’s too much to ask really.

This is currently what I’m working with:

See…? Not fancy at all and in desperate need of prettying up, if you ask me.

So my newest goals are all house-related. Paint this, strip that, replace this, buy that, etc. Since I can’t find my desks yet, I am starting out with my bedroom and master bath. I can hardly wait to get started. I’m particularly excited about this new piece I picked up in the ‘noog.

It’s the wrought iron tree above the bed that’s got me all giddy… it was made for me! Not literally, but figuratively for sure. It looks great in there. And it only cost me $20. Gotta love Home Goods.

Best. store. ever. Too bad they don’t have cheap desks there.



  1. i saw this cool idea on one of the apartment therapy sites for a desk built for two for a small space:

    the hardest thing about Ikea for people like you & me, is that when we don’t find what we want, it might be months before we get to go back…ugh very defeating. I had my heart set on a different table for our TV, and they didn’t have it. Of course since I ended up picking another, I have no clue what the other one looked like anymore…

    Now that there’s one in cincy, you & I can just send my mom to look for what we want and make her get it for us when she finds it…

  2. Awesome. Let’s definitely send your mom there to get my shelving. 😀 Or better yet, let’s take a trip back to your home, and you can school me on Cinci’s wonder while we eat some Skyline and shop for some cheap Scandanavian goods.

    I like the desk combo but I don’t want to take up that much area. I want everything to fit on the back wall, like now but more uniform and pretty. We need matching desks and shelving above them and all would be well. Of couse, that is going to cost around $500 and I’m not prepared to pay that.

    Do you see that lovely desk in the bottom Pottery Barn picture? I’m sure I could build that. What do you think? Once, I watched a DIY show (maybe even Trading Spaces, back in its heyday) where they build a huge desk out of an old door and some filing cabinets. A piece of glass on top made it a flat surface, and of course, it just looked really neat and vintage, which is so me. But that wouldn’t solve the issue of seperate desks, which we need for when baby Annie or Ollie comes along and we have to put one desk in our bedroom and the other in the dining room.

    Ah. If only we could finish the garage or add on to our house or I dunno, sell this place and buy that $268k home in Woodstock, GA that I love. 4 bedrooms AND an office! Ahhh. If only.

  3. dude….i have the same pottery barn pics set aside for my new house i am just trying to figure out how to do it on the cheap

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