Posted by: angelnorman | February 25, 2008

There’s still a chill in the air.

Random Factoid: Every praise song I’ve ever loved at the contemporary church worship services I’ve attended in the past few years have been Paul Baloche songs. Weird? Well it seemed normal until I learned that Hosanna, which we’ve sung both times I’ve been to Smyrna FBC, was also Paul Baloche. That’s like three or four songs that I’ve sung of his that have spoken to me.

Anyways, if you want to hear Hosanna, it’s my current myspace default. It makes me feel so great to sing to it. I hope it does the same for you. Strength to face the day– who couldn’t use a little of that?

Another random factoid: Fruitabu smooshed fruit is my favorite thing ever. Seriously. It takes me right back to those days when Fruit Roll-Ups were the bomb, except these are much healthier for me and I don’t feel like that big of a pig if I pack away a couple of them in one sitting. And right now, my Kroger’s has the single servings on sale for 2/$1 making it cheaper to buy the singles than buying the 8-count box for $5.

Speaking of tasty morsels… Last night I made two chicken casseroles- one for us and then one for a family we are friends with, Jen’s family to be specific. My friend Jen, for those who don’t know, had back surgery a week ago and I signed up to bring her a meal tonight. I promised Chicken Casserole without even knowing if they like chicken casserole, but ah well. I haven’t made a chicken casserole in years and I just really wanted to make something that is comforting. Well, comforting to me. Warm, creamy chicken casserole!

Chick Cass actually reminds me of being 21 and living in the apartment in Antioch and trying to teach myself to be a better cook. I was so determined to make a casserole that Mike would love, because all he ever talked about was his stepmom’s creamed chicken and how wonderful her cooking was… and I was for sure not going to let anyone show me up. So I did some research and I finally made a chicken casserole… and Michael loved it. But I loved it more. HA! I will never forget being so proud of it and inviting my family over for Christmas and making these two big chicken casseroles- one with noodles for Mike and one without for the rest of us. It was a big hit with them and I remember finally feeling like I’d done something really womanly for the first time in my life– I cooked. Without burning anything, except for maybe my hand. Without wanting to throw it out and order pizza. I’ve been a fairly confident cook ever since, all thanks to my experiments with chicken casserole. So I haven’t had a real chicken casserole without noodles in years… and although it’s borderline pathetic, I’m looking forward to dinner time tonight, woo.

I’m going to have to work out at the Y extra hard just to make up for the amount of absolute gorging I intend to partake in tonight.


I’m looking for some good jarred soup recipes other than Friendship Soup. Anyone know of any?



  1. You might want to go to Target and look at their organic fruit leathers. Even cheaper than Fruitaboosh or whatever it is c alled, and JUST as tasty!! We are big purchasers of fruit leather and I think that the Target brand is the best value by far!

  2. Thanks for the casserole, it was very good!

  3. chick cass. i like that.

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