Posted by: angelnorman | February 27, 2008

A little bit of everything.

Nicholas has an uexplained fever, which keeps going down and up. I hate the not knowing what is wrong, not having a clue how to fix it thing. I want him to just say “My belly hurts!!” or “I feel like maybe my throat is hurting after all, Mommy!” and to just tell me what sort of help he needs, you know? But according to him, he is fine. He just wants to watch the “robot movie” and for me to leave him alone about it. It’s just a fever and a loss of appetite, but then he is also a three year-old with a pretty strange and sometimes non-existent appetite anyways. He hasn’t been feverish in awhile though and I feel so bad for him.

I called my husband to ask him to get me some children’s ibuprofen on the way to school and he sighed. I hate that he always acts like we’re such a burden, ya know? Like we are interrupting his super busy day with something trivial… No. And it’s not like I expect him to be all giddy about it, but still. I think he would at least want to help me since after all, he knows I am stranded here. Our kid is sick and I have no car, you jerk! Quit acting like you are so put out because you have to–I dunno— be a PARENT. Man! It’s ridiculous!

See all this inner hostility I hold on to? It’s no wonder that every time I go to church or read the Bible I feel horribly guilty for something. Let it go, Angel. Let it go.


Check this out. I love that they’re charging $35 for a cardboard box. I can so make that, but the question is, Would I? Probably not. So I could see why someone would buy it I guess.. maybe.. a little.

The article that led me to this toy was something about planning playdates for your kids and another one of the toys suggested I go out and buy for the perfect playdate was this.  Who in their right mind would pay $300 for a playdate?! It is cool though.

But if my neighbors hate what’s in my yard now… phew! They’d really hate that, eh?


I love snow. I’m sad that it’s stopped for today. This morning I woke up to all white and it was lovely. It was gone by lunchtime, although the snow kept falling. Oh well. Maybe we’ll get some more soon.

Stupid South.


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