Posted by: angelnorman | March 1, 2008

Nothing makes ya nervous like a hole in your house.

We have had some serious water damage thanks to clogged gutters and lots of rain. For a few years now, our back door jamb has been slowly rotting away, pieces and hunks of it being washed away each time we got any sort of precipitation. So when we got our tax money this year, we decided to do something about the deteriorating door and the subfloor under our precious linoleum.

So today was the big day. Mike and my FIL decided to tackle it first thing this morning. This is what I woke up to, essentially…

Bloody. Hell.

They quickly learned that not only are the door jamb and subfloor rotten, but some of the actual joists– as in supports for the floor– and even some of my wall (note the missing drywall under my window) are in dire need of replacement. So essentially, we’re now replacing chunks of wall. Oh, and repainting.

Our house, we learned, is also built slightly improperly. The dining room wall that we are working on overhangs the cement block that holds the house up… now, this essentially means that it was probably added onto and not done entirely correctly. It isn’t something to worry about too much, but it’s definitely one of those things that makes you question what you buy when you buy a house… stupid craptastic construction!

And if that isn’t enough news for you, here’s another wonderful gem I learned today. This water damage has happened before and they went to replace it only it wasn’t done correctly either. More than likely, this happened right before we bought it. They probably wanted to slap something together just to sell it.

Nice, huh? Here’s some more pictures from the horror show that is my kitchen.


Yeah, that is exposed crawlspace.

Alex says, “Um, guys… did you know there’s a hole in the kitchen?”

Welcome to my nightmare. I’ll keep ya posted on this wonderful DIY weekend.


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