Posted by: angelnorman | March 3, 2008

First big rain…

And my new door leaks. We’ve called our Homeowner’s Insurance. We may just be S.O.L. but maybe someone can come and fix it properly. At this point, I’m thinking we should just tear out the whole wall, make the deck into a fully functional sunroom off the dining room (that I can use as an office/play area) and call it a day. Then maybe I could think logically about that second child… I need some more artwork for this house, after all :/


My husband and I haven’t had a nice word for each other in a week. This weekend was particularly hard because someone (him) wanted to complain about EVERY LITTLE THING ALL NIGHT LONG after working. And I understand, okay. It’s a lot of work. I’m sure he was tired and that was coming out in how he treated Nick and I after his dad left, but it wasn’t a pleasant time for anyone needless to say. I actually looked forward to my FIL coming over not just so he could help Mike but so that he could lighten the mood.

And he really did, all things aside. He made jokes, we had coffee, it was good fun.

Tonight Mike is on a warpath. Actually, I think he was just ready to cry as he watched all his hard work fail to keep out the water.

Interesting fact: the wall is actually angled inward. One side of the wall starts out much further than the other.

My head hurts and I hate that wall now.


I wish my husband and I could communicate effectively.


I have dinner with my dad and brothers twice this week. I’m not sure I am mentally prepared for the first part.

I’m not really mentally prepared to be social at all, but particularly in this situation.


When I talk these days, I feel like no one really hears me. Is that normal?


I haven’t done a Bible study in days. I may not go tomorrow either if the homeowner’s insurance people have to come out. We shall see.


Emily, my dear.


This makes me laugh so hard. This makes me laugh harder. If bad language bothers you and you don’t watch YGG (or if you’ve no clue what I mean by YGG), these links are not for you.



  1. Looks like we need to get in like by 5 am? YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

  2. get in like? what the H is that? anyway, YES lets go! And on everything else. ugh. I’m sorry. I’m sending up some prayers.

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