Posted by: angelnorman | March 4, 2008

Mmm, s’mores.

I’ve been complaining about the house a lot lately. Like a lot. If it’s not one thing going wrong, it’s another. There’s the whole wall/door fiasco, and then there’s some other major maintenance stuff that we really need to do. It seems to be all Mike and I talk about. The gutters, the door, the exterminator appointments, the yard, the fence need, the air conditioner/heating unit being serviced, etc. And I’m really tired of thinking/talking/dreaming about all the stuff it needs done. It’s a consuming thing to even talk about. It rules the conversations around here.

But this weekend, despite all household issues, Nicholas and I got out and enjoyed our yard. I for one am never happier about my big backyard than when my sweet boy is enjoying it. While I was walking around the yard planning out my landscaping and where my raised beds would go (that’s right– I’m all about the raised beds and such these days), Nick rode around the yard as carefree as he could be in his truck, stopping only to slide on his slide (which I just complained about him never using- hmph, that’ll teach me) or to scream for me to remove the large sticks from underneath his wheels whenever he got stuck. It was just nice.

Here are some pics from the past couple of days.

First, the obligatory best friend shot:

Such a big backyard for one little boy.

Nick making a total me face. From the pointiness of his chin, nose, and cheekbones to the sort of sneaky smile that he is displaying– he is totally MY kid.

And speaking of Nick, he’s doing very well. A little bit of a cough here and there, but not much. No fever. No chills. No runny nose. Woot! Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers for him this week. We’re doing fine.

And yes, for any who are curious, we are growing out his hair. Just don’t tell Mike. You know me, I’d let him have long hair forever if I could get away with it. 😛 And really, the best friend pic is showing his hair on a really windy day, after wearing a hat and um, me not brushing his hair that morning. So that’s a bad pic to judge whether or not I should continue to grow his hair upon. When you see it flattened down to his head like normal, it curls out a little at the ears, sorta like in this pic:

And couldn’t you just eat him up?!


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