Posted by: angelnorman | March 7, 2008

Angel, where are you these days?

Physically, I’ve been lost inside the world of responsibilities and obligations. Mentally, I’m lying on a beach, sipping a margarita. Mmm. Margarita.

The hubs got sick on Wednesday… fever, chills, body aches, trouble swallowing, the whole nine.  So I have been caring for a sick husband, who goes to work every day as sick as a dog and comes home and sleeps all night. I’ve been his nurse– reminding him to eat, medicate, and hydrate, and making him soups or getting him blankets as needed.

And then there’s the whole matter of caring for the toddler in the house. That’s a job in an of itself what with having to deal with his temper and ‘tude. He’s been in rare form lately with more attitude than… than… well, Me. Everytime I tell him to do something he responds with “Okaaaaaay!” and this sort of growling noise that can only be described as the noise I make when I get frustrated with things and people.

Dose of your own medicine, anyone?

The dogs have been incredibly dependent on me too for their multiple walkings each day (Mike usually handles this) and making sure they get fed or that their water bowl isn’t bone-dry (no pun intended, though I did find it humorous) like I found it this morning. Oops. I’m not so good with this one obviously. I don’t even know how long they were without water. Isn’t that terrible?

And then there’s the next biggest responsibility– the one that isn’t alive and doesn’t need food, clothing, water, or breathable air and therefore is the least of my concerns. My house and its work: the laundry, bathrooms, floors, carpets, dusting, mopping, sweeping (even though my broom was destroyed and is now a half broom that has to be handheld) all needs my attention. Piles of dishes were in the sink today, as piles of clothes were in baskets waiting to be folded and put away. But somehow, during naptime even, I tackled all that stuff, reorganized my spice pantry (and regained a whole shelf for myself!), hung up my spice rack from IKEA that I was waiting for Mike to hang, and even caulked my guest bathroom tub as we had planned to do this week before Mike got sick. I’m not lying. I totally caulked. Then I sat down and meal planned for the next two weeks, dragged my 3 year old out in the freezing arctic weather outside to go to the grocery and get the goods we need before the massive snowstorm hits us hard (note sarcasm re: snowstorm. I’m not convinced this one will be such a doozy, but judging by the lines at Kroger, I am the only one not convinced).

Regarding the hubs: Just so you know, M finally took his lunch hour to go to the doctor today and they told him he had tonsillitis! And they also asked him why he waited so long to come to the office– which made me say, of course, “Told ya you should have went yesterday!” Ha. They gave him a shot of antibiotics right then and there to speed the recovery; that’s how bad it is for him. I feel just awful that he is so sick, especially since it was his spring break this week. However– that is sort of a blessing in disguise too. Not having to go to school each night has been super beneficial to him in the way of getting lots of extra rest. So we’re thankful for that.

Actually, I’m thankful for a lot. I know, with the rest of the blog it sounds like I am complaining but really, no. I am sorta proud that I’m able to handle things without letting it get to me too much. Poor Mike tried to help me with dinner and I snapped at him to leave it be and go rest. I wasn’t mean of course, but there was a definite pride in it. It was like I was trying to say, “This is MY stuff, leave it for me!” or something, which is totally not my normal attitude toward things. But I think it’s that I’ve been more productive today than I have in weeks, and it’s nice to feel a small sense of success in things, you know. It’s less overwhelming today because I was actually able to check some things off that list, and it feels nice to not have that weight on my shoulders I guess.

Just don’t tell anyone how behind in my Bible study I am!!! 😦 I feel incredibly guilty for not making it a top priority these days, and I do not look forward to being “tsk’ed” by the group on Tuesday!



  1. sounds like a crazy week, ang. hope things settle down soon. it’s 4:37am and i have a toddler kissing my neck. sigh..

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