Posted by: angelnorman | March 11, 2008

Know it, Angel.

Tonight’s Bible Study– Ishmael and Isaac and Islam vs. Christianity. Insanely powerful message delivered in such a manner that I could not help but be moved. I do love me some Beth Moore. I am continuously amazed by all that she says.

Lesson #1:

Be who you are and quit focusing so much on who you aren’t.

Lesson #2:

Break the cycle of behavior that is inappropriate and KNOW that it’s broken because of your strength and faith in Christ.

I don’t know if it speaks to anyone else, and I’m not going into detail with this one as how it applies to my life or the lives of those I know. I just don’t feel like going there, ’cause while I could certainly put myself on the spot, I could also run the risk of stepping on some toes. I just want you to meditate on it, and pray on it if that is what you do, and know in your heart that you are so much more than you give yourself credit for.

God knows it— are you actually going to question him on the matter?



  1. i like number 2…that i need to do

  2. Amen Sistah.

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