Posted by: angelnorman | March 14, 2008

Fleece Balls are fun.

Last night I went with my friend A on behalf of an organization called Artsy Mamas to the pregnancy support center in the ‘Boro. We were the only two people from AM to show– and I got there late and wasn’t much help to A– but it was still a good time filled with good conversation with the other mothers there. We talked about our babies, our pregnancies, our hopes and dreams. It was really special. We were there to teach the other mommies how to make fleece balls that their tots could play with, a lesson that A had sought out on her own to teach, and I was learning just as much as the other women were. It was somewhat tedious but I am pretty sure everyone was pleased with her end result– and bonus, they have an awesome new toy that is safe and homemade to give to their children.

I spoke to the PSC about donations and I got a tour of the room where they keep all their goodies. The system works like this: you attend classes which range from bible studies to diapering classes to art and crafts sessions and you get what are called baby bucks to use to purchase things from the support center that people have donated. It is a WONDERFUL place for young moms or moms who just need a bit of extra help, and it’s a really cool place to be involved with. So yeah, good times were had and I look forward to working with them again, only it’ll have to be under different circumstances, i.e. through donations or if I can come up with something cool to do with them like scrapbooking the pregnancy or something… I dunno. But it’s an exciting opportunity nonetheless to be involved with a group that cares so much about mothers. And those mothers I met last night were just so great. It was just a really pleasant experience.



  1. […] night I led a workshop at a local Pregnancy Support Center with my lovely assistant, Angel. Seven new or expecting moms now have a fluffy, fleece ball for their little ones to play […]

  2. The PSC is, indeed, a wonderful place. I miss being a counselor there so much. One day, one day I will go back. At any rate, I’m glad you had fun. I’m sorry your other volunteers didn’t show up but I’m sure you both did a perfectly good job.

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