Posted by: angelnorman | March 16, 2008

Easter Already?

Well, for most normal human beings, it’s almost Easter. Around here though, we are definitely in Easter mode. All our conversations involve either candy, Easter eggs, or the Easter Bunny. (It is so much a topic of conversation that I felt led to get to Lifeway yesterday and buy Nicholas An Easter Carol, the VeggieTales version of the Easter story. That’s not saying much maybe but I don’t want Nick to be walking around with the wrong idea since he’s at that age where he’s really very impressed by myhtical beings and all. I mean, I didn’t NOT teach him the Easter Bunny— but I don’t do much teaching about Jesus either. I try and sometimes I get the impression that he is listening, but most of the time he seems super bored with me so I don’t think I’m teaching it at an age-appropriate level. I need to get him a devotionals book for his age, like my friend E got a while back for her boys, C&H. I really need to step up my game though, whatever I do. I figured he would listen to Bob and Larry more than he listens to me, so we tried watching VT last night before bed to show him that eggs, candy, and bunny rabbits are not the most important things. Not sure it took effect, but whatever. I tried. A for effort maybe? Anyone?

Today we went to church with my mom for Palm Sunday. Her choir/praise team did a huge special program for it, and so we went to watch her sing and have fellowship with her for Easter since next Sunday, we’ll be with Mike’s side of our family. I let Nicholas wear his Easter outfit (And he’llw ear it again next week– two Sundays in a row?! *gasp* You bet.), pics to come following the gab. We all dressed in our new spring wear, actually. Mike had a bright green and yellow polo on, and it coordinates well with Nick’s green vest. I didn’t wear my skirt that I bought that actually matches them though because it’s still a little too cold for my bare legs and you know I don’t do hosiery.

But most importantly, we got to go to church and hear a great sermon and wonderful praises being sung (you know how I love me some praise).

After lunch with my mom and stepdad, I talked my mom into coming home with us for the Easter Egg Hunt at my friend Shea’s. We went there, had a good time hunting eggs, seeing our friends, and eating candy and cake of course 🙂 I think my mom was happy to be there with us, seeing Nick and I with our friends. We all came home and Nick rode around the backyard in his big power wheels truck, which my mom took a thousand and one pics of– and then we ordered pizza and had dinner.

So it was a full day of family and friends. I missed my sister though and wished she could have been with us for a picture-taking marathon. You see… every time we get together, the three of us insist on having a mother-daughters picture made. Well, none of the men in our lives know how to properly take pictures so usually we stand in a group and I hold the camera out and take the pic myself. Well, most of the time, someone’s double chin is showing or someone’s face is too large (mine), or someone doesn’t like the way her hair is… or she looks too fat… something always causes the picture to need to be taken over. So it turns into this marathon of pictures of the three of us– and we all think it’s really stupid that we can never get good pictures but it’s also really fun to keep trying. It’s usually good for a few laughs anyways, and today, I missed Courtney being there with us, ya know?

Anyways– pics.

Can’t wait to do it all again and then some next weekend, when it’s REALLY Easter Sunday 🙂 But I’m so glad I got to see my mom and spend time with her beforehand. We all had a lovely day.

Hope yours was just as good.


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