Posted by: angelnorman | March 20, 2008

A home for our feathered friends.

My thought for the day…

A Christian is held captive from anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for him or her.          -Beth Moore, Breaking Free



Spring is such a lovely time of year, despite storms that may wage outside (and for me, on occasion, inside). I wanted to really devote more of myself to celebrating spring and nature in general this year and so I’ve done a few things to Spring-it-up with Nick so that we can get full enjoyment of the season. We’ve planted snapdragons and marigolds and we’ve talked a little about how plants grow and bloom. We’ve spent a huge chunk of time outside these days, sometimes never even venturing past our porch and just being perfectly content with the fresh air, ya know? We don’t even have to be doing anything but standing in the doorway and looking out at the world beyond these walls to feel more… alive. I can tell that even little Nick feels that way becaus ehe’s perfectly content to just stand on the porch while I get the mail– he doesn’t beg to ride his truck or play baseball or anything. Just enjoying the breeze, no playground necessary.

A yard of your own is a lovely thing that I value completely. My life would be incomplete without enough green space. I often say it would be nice to not have to mow it, but you’ll never hear me say, “I hate having all this grass and all those big ugly trees”. It just won’t happen. Ever!

So our own yard has provided us with much enjoyment during these past few weeks of warmer weather. Today we decided to start “giving back” a little to our yard so that it can also enjoy us. Heh. We painted a birdhouse for our birdy friends… it’s currently drying and has yet to be filled with food, but it turned out rather well considering we used our hands. 🙂

For our feathered friends, a home in our yard!

P.S. I want to paint my office bright olive green. What say you?


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