Posted by: angelnorman | March 21, 2008

Spring happiness.

I like how sci-fi this looks. That water tower is the mothership, that boy is an alien. His glasses help seal the look.

I was proud I caught him blowing and a bubble in the same shot.

We love sandal weather!

Just a boy and his trike.


It was a great day with friends. I wish my kid would have been better behaved, but apparently all the fresh air was going to his head because now that we’re home he is fine. I mean, he’s talking softly (as opposed to all the yelling he’s been doing to me today) and offering me some of his Easter candy stash. He is a new boy. And he’s also really tired, so that helps. 🙂

Today is my BFFE’s birthday and tonight, we’re hitting the town so to speak. YAY! I’m excited. 29 is a nice, fun age to celebrate– last year in the 20s and all!

That, and it means I’m probably getting my party on tonight, woo.

What a great day!


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