Posted by: angelnorman | March 22, 2008

Old dirty egg.

My party was not got on last night. We went to Red Robin, had some burgers and some laughs, came home and had some rum, and then Mike and Michelle both crashed before midnight. It was SUPER lame, but they did both work that day which means waking up at 5 am for Mike and even earlier for Chelle (whereas I slept till, um, 10 am), so I couldn’t give them much crap for their lameness. And Michelle! What a best friend she is– she was already here at the house when I got home (she has a key) and I walked in to find my living room cleaned and vacuumed. On HER birthday, mind you. So I was sorta worried that she didn’t spend her day doing anything that was birthday celebration-worthy. But she thanked us for the fun when she left, and as long as Michelle had a decent time then we’re cool. It was about her idea of celebration, not mine, after all.

‘Cause God knows I wouldn’t celebrate it by cleaning my friend’s house. Pssh.

This morning we all got up and had coffee and mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. The breakfast of champions. Afterwards, Michelle went back home and we went to spend some time dyeing Easter eggs and having an egg hunt with Mike’s parents and sister. It was great fun. My MIL invited her friends’ kids over to hunt eggs too and all the kids had lots of fun hunting together. Nick seemed to really like them, but then he always has liked older kids. He kept saying “I want to play with those” meaning of course those boys, but he just refused to say their names or even treat them like people as opposed to things, that lil stinker. Anyways, so one of them finds this egg and when we’re all opening our eggs to see what kinds of candy or how much money we all scored, the little boy says, “Um, Mr. Donnie, you can keep this one.” He had found this egg that was apparently from LAST YEAR and it dirt, a balloon, and old candy inside! So gross, man, but how hilarious nonetheless that this kid found it after all this time.

Gross old Easter egg.

I’ll leave you with these two pics of our day… Hope everyone has a wonderfully peaceful Easter.


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