Posted by: angelnorman | March 25, 2008

Recycling is hard work, unless someone will come pick it up for you.

Yesterday I crammed all this into the trunk of the car and drove to the nearest recycling center. Although the picture only shows off eight bags, there are three more in the background that didn’t make the crop in Photoshop because there were dog kennels and a very unorganized laundry room in the background that I wasn’t prepared to show off. Eleven- yes, eleven– bags chocked full of plastic beverage containers (mainly diet coke bottles and milk jugs) all to recycle were shoved into the car and driven to the recycling center nearest our home. This is all of our recycling for the past three months, by the way. While we definitely do drink way too much milk and diet coke in this house, this isn’t like our weekly consumption. We’re not THAT bad. We’re just lazy and rarely take our recycling like we should.

 Oh. My. God.

Not having a pick up truck sucks, but a big trunk works well nonetheless. So Nick and I get ready, get the car loaded up, and we get to the center and… What?! IT IS CLOSED. I drive so far, go through so much to get the bags to fit in the car properly (harder than it seems) while my kid stands in the door wearing nothing but his pajama top and a pull-up saying, “Mama, where you goin’? Can I come outside? Mama, I want you to come back in right now. Mama, mama, mama!”, only to be denied access to the dump!!! I was so ticked at myself for not checking the stupid hours before I left, especially since I went to their website beforehand. (For what? I dunno! I probably went to the site to check the hours but started reading stuff and got sidetracked. That sounds like a very me thing to do.) So we went to Sonic, grabbed lunch, and took our bags back home.

This morning I did some research and I found a curbside recycling company that is willing to pick up for $12 a month in Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas. And see, I grew up in a home in Nashville where they have the same sort of service and we recycled without question because we had the bin– so why not? I was appalled when we moved here and the same thing wasn’t in place, but then I also live just outside of city limits and most of my neighbors don’t even have a trash pick-up. They all own pickup trucks and drive their own trash to the dump. (Luckies. We pay $70 for three months of service. That’s right. Seventy.) Anyways, this sounds like a great program and I’m waiting for them to email me back so that I can sign up if they are willing to come here and pick it up for me. They provide a bin and everything, and if your stuff doesn’t fit in their bin, you can use another bin or paper grocery bags to compensate. I just can’t tell from their website how far into the surrounding areas they go. I don’t think $12 a month is too much to pay out for that though, especially after my frustration yesterday.

And if I pay a year in advance, I reportedly get the service for $10 a month. I’m seriously all about it.

I’m also all about reducing how much diet coke we drink. Eleven bags full in three months makes me want to throw up. I wish I liked water more. *shrug*



  1. That frustrated ME. I’m so sorry you live in podunk Middle Tennessee where you have to PAY to do something that it’s illegal not to do in more advanced states. ARGH.

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