Posted by: angelnorman | March 26, 2008

Head hurting. Chores mounting. Laundry squashed.

So I earned $20 consigning; not bad considering that I still walked away with two whole bags full of clothes and shoes. Right now, OUAC is having a sale on all 0-18 months items so they weren’t interested in much that I had to offer being that I was getting rid of mostly 18 months and 2T items. They took his chucks, though. It made me a little sad to be selling his first pair of chucks but I imagine that it will be one of many pairs in our lifetime. Besides, we’ll give someone else a chance to be stylish and hip for way cheaper than we paid to be the same, as long as they wear a size 7 or desire a shoe that has no support.

Still, I felt a great urge to tear up a bit when I seen that they were one of three of the pairs of shoes that OUAC wanted to buy from me. I never got to do that family pic I wanted to do with us all in our chucks while it was still warm. I envisioned us sitting on the porch step and having someone take our pic from our legs down, just our bare legs and our chucks…. It would have made a cute Christmas card! Oh well. This year perhaps.

Nick prefers his fireman shoes to all other shoes anyways these days. I have to beg him to wear anything different. They were the first shoes he ever picked out for himself, and he’s been attached to them ever since he seen them on the shelf. My only issue with them is that they are red and they do not match everything. And sometimes, a gal just wants to dress her boy in all matching preppy attire without the hassle of pleading being involved. I tend to frequently give in and let him wear them though because I, after all, wore Silver tennis shoes all throughout high school. I know what having a favorite pair of kicks is like.

Let me tell you about my week. I have magically washed every single piece of clothing in this house save for the ones we wore yesterday and today. Mike said to me yesterday morning that I should not bother myself so much with it, because “you’ll never get done with it anyways, so relax.” Oh, is that the ‘tude we’re going to have regarding getting our household in order? Nice. No wonder it never gets done. I feel like I’m always playing catch-up and I’m also the only one who gives a crap. No one helps me maintain the housework, you know? Like no one cares that it gets dirty all over again. And by no one I specifically mean Mike because Nick is only 3 and of course he doesn’t care. But Mike is a grown-ass man and he should pick up after himself (and after Nick as equally as I do). That is so frustrating to me…. I wouldn’t mind cleaning if I knew it would stay that way for more than an evening! But with Messy and Messier living here, the sad fact is that I am destined to forever be cleaning and re-cleaning.

Sidenote: I really feel like I’m PMS-ing over here, but it’s not time for all that so I dunno hat is going on. It started with a headache yesterday, stomach issues followed last night, major irritability this morning returned with the headache, and I’m just not doing so hot. But I must perservere.

Just like I did with the laundry. And look at how that worked out for me. All clothes, linens, and other necessities are flippin’ clean. Because of ME and my perseverance. So eat that.

Just so you know… You won’t be seeing me much out and about. Nick and I are official homebodies again for a long, long, repeatedly long time.


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