Posted by: angelnorman | March 27, 2008

Thank you, Star Wars

Things we’ve been hearing a lot of since I introduced Nick to the Star Wars trilogy:
“Mommy, Darf Bay-durr (Darth Vader) is really bad.” and “Is that his daddy, Mommy?”
“What are those white guys’ names?” (referring to the storm troopers and not to skin color of the Rebel forces and/or the Jedi :D)
“Chewie says, ACHHHHHH! He is so funny!”
“Yoda says, Stop it! Quit it, R2!”
(Which he never even says, but he is referring to the first time R2D2 and Luke meet Yoda. Nick thought Yoda was hilarious.)
“Ahns Oh-low (Han Solo) is a good guy, Mommy? Is Luke? What about the girl?”

(Sidenote: I love that Leia isn’t worthy enough to even get a name from him. She was my childhood hero and he acts like she has no importance on the movie whatsoever!!!)

Nick likes the movies, until there’s too much talking and then he gets up and walks around. Otherwise though, he’s asked me on two different occasions if he could watch “Darf Bay-durr”, so I think we have a fan in the making on our hands. Yay.


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