Posted by: angelnorman | March 31, 2008

So fresh and so clean, clean.

Spring cleaning is afoot in our house these days– windows are open, fresh air is coming in… and speaking of windows, they are sparkling! I’ve made my list and today was day one of the work. I’ve focused mainly on sources of light it seems- I’ve washed all the windows and drapes and also all of the light fixtures- which is purely coincidental, I swear. No weird spring cleaning by groups here, although I’m sure none of you would be surprised if I used some sort of strange method to get the job done. I just did what I felt like doing until I ran out of my favorite window washing cleaner though. And I’m not completely done either. I’ve got a lot of window sills to clean out. A lot. I dread that the most every single year. How much dirt and how many dead creepy crawlers I have to wipe up just really grosses me out.

In other news, I DID come up with a fun way to add color to my living room. I took down my dining room curtains and brought them into the living room and it instantly made the whole room feel so much cozier and colorful. I love those dining curtains. They speak to my cottage-lovin’ heart more than any other fabrics ever have . From the moment my friend Mel showed them to me, I just knew they would be perfect in my own little cottage, which I had just purchased at the time. She gave them to me, and I’ve been lovin’ them ever since– my dining room has always been my favorite room in the house because it’s the only room I feel like I’ve ever done much with. It has always been the most decorated room in the house, it was one of the first rooms painted, it houses all my favorite things– my DISHES! And it’s just pretty. Or it was.

But since the whole backdoor brouhaha, I have sadly not been a fan of spending much time in my dining room. And that also means that my favorite curtains in the world were no longer fun to look at from the living room because directly beneath them, I have no interior wall. It was all a horrific sight. So I simply moved them into the living room and I cannot believe the impact its made on how the living room feels now. I have grand visions of new artwork, a new floor rug, and lots and lots of throw pillows. I’m sure I can do it with that insurance money… HA! Mike and I have been trying to figure up how much leftover money we could spend on new things since we found out homeowner’s would foot the bill for the water damage.

This weekend, Mike is going to go back to working on the door I believe. I’ll be showing you pics as we progress with all this, you can count on it. I cannot wait to have it all back to normal so that I can work on my deck and move on to my landscaping. 🙂


Also… if you pray, please do so for Mike and I as often as you can. He’s been thinking about applying for a job in a different city that pays almost double his salary, and while the extra money would be incredibly nice, we’re both very much afraid to move away from our family and friends. Well, me more than him. He’s always wanted to move away I believe and we just never have because it wasn’t feasible.  I’ve never thought about raising children anywhere but near my parents, so I’m a little skiddish about leaving that behind. Right now, if I needed my mom, she could be here in under an hour. And if I need something sooner than that, Mike has parents that live literally 10 minutes away from here. That is a very nice thing to have available if necessary. But we’re both prayed about this and today we learned that the salary was not only at least $10k more than we thought, but that the guy who’d be doing the interviewing already thinks that Mike would make a good candidate and is pushing him to apply. So please pray that God leads us according to what is best, that we don’t move away from our family and friends just for money, that this is what God wants for Mike and I to do for our whole family’s sake.

I will certainly appreciate any good vibes you can send me. 🙂


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