Posted by: angelnorman | April 7, 2008

Back Door Brouhaha

Saturday morning at 7 am, I awoke after having only 3 measly hours of sleep from the night before to start demolition on my back door. My MIL and step-FIL as well as my FIL (got all that? Perhaps I should have said “Mike’s parents, minus 1”) were scheduled to arrive at 8 am and Mike and I wanted to have the stuff down so that we could just start working. Last time we tried fixing this door, the majority of day one was spent in demo alone, and we wanted to avoid that if possible this go. So we removed the door jamb and in the picture above you can see WATER DAMAGE already in the one month that it has been like this. Boooooo.

We took the door down and FIL gets to work on removing the siding. We discover when we remove the siding that the plywood behind the siding is also in need of repair. *sigh* So we essentially decide to remove the entire wall, windows and all.

Oh. My. God.

I love this pic. This is FIL, my husband, and step-FIL all making sure that the wood is put in place properly. Step-FIL does masonry work and is very smart when it comes to construction. FIL is super helpful and is really smart about how to get the job done. Mike just knows what needs to be done. The three of them together made an awesome team. 🙂

For some perspective, I took this from the yard yesterday. See how that whole wall has been replaced? CRAZY.

This morning, I stepped outside and captured this pic for you, with my siding on again. We also put some construction grade plastic underneath the siding to protect the wood from moisture. Lots of flashing has also been used to ensure no more leaks. Thank goodness for that.

As for the inside, there is still an insane amount of work to do, which I will imagine will be finished this week and next. I have no window ledges, no drywall on the right there, and also, no subfloor! (I have the sub-subfloor though, whatever it’s called.) I am so thankful that we had the help we did; there’s absolutely no way we could have done it on our own.

I’m also thankful we have a decent homeowner’s insurance company. It’s been nice only having to worry about the size of the hole in our house and how to fix it rather than the size of the hole in our bank account, ha.



  1. I am totally confused!! What in the world happened????!!

  2. Yuck. I would have lost my freakin’ mind by now!

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