Posted by: angelnorman | April 11, 2008

Mosquitos and bad behavior

Last night, I totally flipped my lid. First, let me rewind a bit to say that on Wednesday, Nick went to bed at 1. That’s one in the morning. The following day we slept in and all was well but of course it meant that he missed his naptime. So he was a little outta control, as he normally gets when he’s over tired. It was a very in-my-face sorta day otherwise though, with some realizations that were mind-changing, and throughout dinner it was becoming increasingly obvious that the night would not end as peacefully as I had hoped it might. Mike was on Nick’s case about every little thing during dinner, and of course Nick was testing Mike to see how much he could get away with in not sitting up and eating like a normal person would eat. Mike would yell, “Sit up now I said and eat some of that taco. NOW, Nick.” And Nick would sit up on his knees, but slouch over still, and then take a teeny tiny bit of taco shell. No meat. No lettuce or cheese or anything with good nutritional value. Just shell.

Well it carried over into our after-dinner activities. I talked Mike into hanging my new decorative curtain rod for my living room curtains and everytime something didn’t go exactly his way, he threw the biggest temper tantrums, cursing and whatnot.  Then Nick was doing everything we asked him not to. “Don’t touch the drill.” “Those screws are for the wall, they are not toys.” “Bring that back right now!” I was so fed up. So when I finally went to put Nicholas to bed before Blues Clues went off (oh the horror!) and got myself smacked in the face 18 times by a very angry 3-year old, I lost it.

A glass may have been broken in this process. I sorta took all my frustration out on my dishes.

Sometimes I grow weary of having to always keep the peace. I am tired of advising Mike to control his temper and him not actually listening until I break a glass and get his attention. I wanted to look at him and scream, “Do you think I don’t ever feel like screaming and yelling and saying, ‘To hell with you all!’? Of course I do!” But I think my actions last night sorta proved that. I’m not proud of how I behaved and of course, we had to apologize to one another, but at the same time, I’m just really tired of not having them cooperate when I want a peaceful night of relaxing family time where we just, you know, love each other and hang out and laugh with one another till bedtime!


In other news, we’ve had a lot of those big mosquito bugs in our house lately. I think they’re growing in our yard somewhere because I seen a lot kicked up when I was weed-eating yesterday. (That’s right. This mama knows how to weed-whack like a pro. Actually, no. I do what can only be referred to as a lawn chop job. I still can’t keep it level when I start getting too tired to hold it and occasionally I just get all the way down to the dirt. It’s awesome.) So Nick is terrified of these things, despite the fact that all they do is land on our walls and occasionally flutter about. So I’ve been doing a lot of “Oh calm down! It’s just a little bug and I will get it when I can reach it, okay?” reassurance, and he’s slowly but surely learning to not freak out.

Well I am glad he didn’t see MY reaction last night when one flew at my face. Mike and I were laying in bed, trying to be intimate with one another (just being honest) when this fluttery mosquito decided it wanted in on the action. I starting freaking out, flailing my arms and flipping the covers trying to fan this tiny bug away… meanwhile Mike is thinking something bad is happening to me because he said I’ve looked like I’m being electrocuted or that I’m having a seizure or something. So finally he screams out, “What is going on?” And I’m like, “A mosquito!!!!” like it is the worst thing in the world. And he got so mad at me for acting like such a baby. Somehow, the mosquito ends up in my bed, bent and broken from my blanket barrage, and I’m jumping up and down like a mad woman.

Mike picked him up and flushed him away, and the intimacy got flushed away with him.



  1. LOL..sorry about that stupid sex stealing mosquito!!

    Yeah..this week is bad all around for tempers. I have lost it a few time this week myself..and the weather and staying at home isn’t helping I”m sure. But, perhaps we can do something here next week and let our kids get angry only at eachother..NOT US!

    Love you..sending peaceful thoughts your way..YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THIS MAMA!

  2. I meant at your house ofcourse too!

  3. me too, me too….i think i scared denton last week after i threatened to run away after one of coens outbursts….come over here and we will let them run and play on the boulders

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