Posted by: angelnorman | April 14, 2008

Not just a change of temperature around here.

I wanted to share something I read today in my quiet time, but first let me rewind a bit to say that you may have heard me talk about small changes I’m making to change my life in the little ways for bigger impacts. Well one of those small changes is daily quiet time with God. I think this week is the first week since I’ve been in Bible study that I have actually done all my week’s worth of homework before Tuesday ever arrives. So I’ve sought Him out daily, many times during the day, in hopes of breaking the habit of only going to God before I sleep each night. I always wait till the end of the day, when I’m most tired and just not able to concentrate through my prayers, to go to God with big things that I need off my chest. So I decided I’d get up every morning, feed Nick breakfast, and do a devotional or bible study homework or both. More on this later.

This morning, I finished reading the entire book of Genesis, which is now my favorite book of the Bible. It’s like a soap opera at times, and it’s full of really dysfunctional people that are weak and sometimes cuh-razy but who are called by God to do things to fulfill His plans; the lessons of God’s mercy, patience, love, and kindness cannot be ignored though and shine through the human pain, betrayal, and deception. It’s just a beautiful book, and it’s even more beautiful when you study the Hebrew translations and learn the language from which Moses wrote. It gives me chills. So I decided I would just flip through some more of the Old Testament, and I came across a devotional in my women’s study bible written by Jean E. Syswerda called Prescription for Discouragement.

It’s taken out of 1 Kings 19, where Elijah is fleeing for his life after Queen Jezebel has threatened him. And it makes a lot of sense. To me, it’s a plan of renewal. Although none of us have ever had to live the way Elijah did, we all from time to time get overwhelmed. I’ve been feeling perpetually overwhelmed these days, angry and confused and in need of less chaos, more clarity, and a great renewal, hence my plans to change lots of things. Well here is what you can take out of 1 Kings 19 if you’d like; it worked for Elijah and gave him a new peace of mind, so maybe it can work for us too.

1. Get lots of rest. (1 Kings 19:5). A short temper is often times a direct result of a lack of a long night of sleep. As often as possible, we need to get a good night’s full of rest.
2. Eat healthy foods on a regular basis. (1 Kings 19:6) Low sugar, high protein= a good “strength for the day” nutritional plan. Sidenote: she says in this part, “five fingerlicks of raw cookie dough do not a healthy lunch make”. It cracked me up. That sounds so much like my every day.
3. Spend some quiet time with yourself and the Lord.  (1 Kings 19:12) No matter how busy you are, daily time with God is like going to a gas station to fill up your car. It’s a bad analogy, but it’s true. It should not be avoided because it gives you the energy to run all day and you’re more likely to be able to handle whatever is thrown your way.
4. Now go. (1 Kings 19:15) There is work to be done.

 I love it. It sounds like it is definitely a good plan to follow. If Elijah can do it, so can I!


In other news, I have completely remodeled Nick’s day-to-day as well. You didn’t really think I wouldn’t extend this great “service” to my family, did you? Ha. TV viewing has been halved, and none of it is done without me. You will be happy to learn, Miss Mandy, that today Nicholas requested we watch Caillou and I didn’t hate it. Also, his sugar consumption has been cut. So has mine. Today, I didn’t have diet coke at all until I woke up from our nap at 4. So all day, we drank nothing but water. Yes, even Nick had some water. And on that same note, Nick’s naptime is now from 1 to 4. It does not have to be that long, but it can never exceed 4 pm. He is having such a hard time going to bed at night that I have to do something and I don’t think he’s ready to cut his naptime at all based on how out of control he gets when he misses his nap. He needs rest.

And I have decreed that from now on, all family meals will be done at our dining table.

This is a big deal to me because I’m hoping it changes some of the attitudes we’ve been seeing in regards to our health, our bedtime routine, our pottying expertise, and of course, our behaviors during dinner time. **insert eye-rolling here**


We went outside after our nap to play some t-ball, and I took this pic. I thought I’d share.



  1. he looks so old and just like you in this picture! its so cute i can barely stand it

    also another hartley tip – we get the roaring waters capri suns…the sugar is only nine grams and its only about 35 calories….for when we need that juice fix, it appears to be working!

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