Posted by: angelnorman | April 20, 2008

Oh happy day.

Yesterday we decided that we just do not do enough things as a family. We’re here all the time together, so quantity time is no issue. Quality time, on the other hand, is scarce ’round these parts so we decided that we’d start having more family dates. On mine and Michael’s very first date without a group of people with us, we went to the Nashville Zoo. (We ended up with Mike’s former BFF tagging along that day, but it was still an okay first real date.) Today we woke up, got dressed, and headed out to the Nashville Zoo as our first family date in a long time. Yay quality time.

It was a good day, although it ended in arguing and temper tantrums. We were all very tired though, Nick missed a nap, etc. So all in all, it was a good day and now that he is older, Nick really seems to like the zoo a lot more than he used to. We’re thinking that we may become members if we end up staying in the Nashville area.

Anyways, enough babble. Here are the pics.

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