Posted by: angelnorman | April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays because I always get a lot of joy from seeing more and more people particpate in various earth-friendly, and thus human-protecting, activities. Every year it gets better I think. We didn’t get to do anything this weekend other than appreciating the beauty of God’s handiwork when we saw the animals at the zoo on Sunday, but from what I hear, our area was alive with many different festivals all aimed at raising awareness about global concerns. Last year we went to Murfreesboro’s Earth Day program at the Civic Plaza with our friends the Joneses and received free trees which we never planted (SHH! Don’t tell anyone!) and lots of knowledge about alternative power sources and the practice of fair trade. I am sad that we missed this year, but I didn’t let it stop me from teaching Earth Appreciation 101 to my son today.

We painted paper Earths using baking pans, marbles, non-toxic paint, and blue construction paper circles.  We talked about how the green represented land and the blue represented water. He really enjoyed getting his fingers covered in the paint of course! And they turned out rather lovely, if I do say so myself.

Look at us using our old baking pans for art-- that's my kind of recycling!

Nick demonstrates the proper technique!

Then I talked to him about litter and how important it is to clean it up by showing him 4 little fishies living in the “water” getting overrun by trash. Our water was a piece of blue scrapbooking paper and our fishies came from his Go Fish game. I placed the four fishies in each of the four corners of the “water” and showed him how much clean water they had around them to swim. I let him make the fishies swim while I started tossing scrap paper into the water, telling him that each piece was something different- an empty bag of chips, a chewing gum wrapper, a soda bottle, etc- and before long, the fishies had no more room to swim and they were all sad. Dead is more like it but I didn’t want to scare him.

All it takes is one small pair of hands to make a big difference.

Finally he says to me, “The trash needs to be cleaned up and then they will be happy again!” And he started clearing the scrap papers one at a time like a little pro. I don’t know why, but I was really impressed that he made the connection. Sometimes I think I am terribly guilty of not thinking he is as intelligent as he is, because I was rather shocked that it was that easy to get the point across to him. Ha. But I know he’s brilliant. He’s my kid after all. *wink*

After we woke from our naps, we had lunch picnic-style under the great big trees in our backyard. (I am really trying not to talk of Atlanta anymore, but if I do have to move, those trees will surely be missed. All the dang houses I see online in Atlanta are subdivision homes in tree-less neighborhoods– not my cup of tea at all.)  I wanted Nick to really enjoy all of what God made for us today and a picnic sounded like just the ticket. My backyard is a haven of nature, namely birds and squirrels. We see so many varieties of birds each and every day, though rarely any hornbills. (That’s a stab at my husband who thinks “Go to the store and get some birdseed” means get ANY birdseed, even the kind for domestic parrots. You know, cause we have so many of those in our backyard…!!!) And just so you know, Nick likes picnicking, but he really wasn’t into the bugs that kept flying around him and so we packed it up and went inside after thirty minutes. Too much nature for him. Silly kid.

Nick being silly.

The view from the picnic blanket.

Cuddles under the trees.

I hope you’re enjoying your Earth Day. Remember, just because the Bible says in Genesis that we were made to have dominion over the creatures of the earth, it does not in any way suggest that we can destroy them or our planet. Love the Creator? Love His Creations!


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