Posted by: angelnorman | April 26, 2008

Ridiculously good things

-spontaneous shopping excursions to World Market with someone who had never been there before- in this case, my mom. no stone was left unturned so to speak. we covered every square inch of that store, touched almost everything.

-spontaneous shopping excursions with people you adore. my mom in this case too.

– bumping into a much-loved and favored relative, other than my mom although she is also much-loved and favored, and this relative’s awesome and fun husband while out shopping.

-linens in many patterns and colors.

-Yankee Candle tarts. i am so sad that they’re not more eco-friendly but dang do they smell good.

– speaking of eco-friendly… Mrs. Meyers cleaning products and in particular, geranium scented room freshener. Oh. My. Goodness.

– having a night off. nick went home with my mom.

– Millstone’s Bed and Breakfast blend coffee.


– spending free time with family.

– my neice and nephew both turning 5, and the youngest one turning 2. so precious to me.

-pontiac G6s with less than 20k miles on them. mmm. new car smell. (it’s a rental. ours is in the shop till monday.)



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