Posted by: angelnorman | April 28, 2008


not pregnant this month.

and we know nothing about the car yet. they can’t look at it till monday (tomorrow or today depending on how you look at it), which was kinda cool cause we got to use this really nice car all weekend. still have to pay $30 a day for it, but hey…. you gotta do what you gotta do i guess.

on saturday mike and i went to see forgetting sarah marshall. first of all: hi to you, full frontal nudity. here’s how much of a prude i am. i was repeatedly uncomfortable by the penis flashing. i have always said that there needs to be more penis in the movies, since there are plenty of breasts all over the place and no one ever gets to objectify men in the same way that we women are objectified. however, after watching FSM, i sorta just feel like i need to shower. i can’t believe that all the sexual scenes, references, and body parts gone wild didn’t earn this movie a much higher rating than “R”. i can’t believe what we call entertainment today. gross.

and i’m not normally this prudish, so this struck me as bizarre.

that being said… it was a decent movie otherwise. i did laugh a lot, so i guess i was mildly humored.

afterwards, mike and i got coffee to go from the local SB and then drove around murfreesboro, getting lost only once. it was about 10:30 or so and we wanted to do something ridiculous… you know how sometimes you just want to be completely childish? we toyed with the idea of rolling the houses of all of our friends, but decided we’d be pissed if they did that to us. so instead, we went to a local park, shone our headlights on the playground, and then slid down the slides there. my big butt collected all the dew on the slide i went down so i had to spend the rest of the night slightly damp. but all we did afterwards was take our pictures with random objects on our way home.

 then today, sunday, was spring fling at my mom’s church and so we went and worshipped and then had ourselves a picnic with the congregation there. there were ponies, which nick loved, and there were inflatables for bouncing. it was a very good time for him. i loved seeing him stretch out his little hand and smooth the pony’s mane. he loves animals more than anything these days.

tell that to roscoe and alex, though, who have been bearing quite a load of his crap lately. oy. perhaps one of these days he’ll learn to quit tormenting those dogs.

you know what next week is? mike’s last week of school till the fall.

you know what next weekend is? i’m building picnic tables for local schools and perhaps i’m going to the ren fest for opening weekend.

i’m excited.



  1. I am so glad ya’ll got to come to the Spring Fling yesterday. I really enjoyed spending time with you yesterday and Saturday too. I loved World Market. I love trying new places to shop (oh don’t let me forget new places to eat as well :-o) It was fun family time. I love you!


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