Posted by: angelnorman | April 29, 2008

well okay then.

my kid has recently become a master at negotiation. a couple of recent examples:

sunday, in the inflatable castle at the church picnic:
me: two more minutes, nick. daddy and gran are waiting on us.
nick: how about-
me: no, nick. not how about. we have to go eat.
nick: how about you go eat and i play?
me: no, how about we don’t do that. look, i’ll give you five more minutes but then, i mean it, it’s time to go eat.

this morning, while sitting with me on the couch watching clean house:
nick: after your show goes off, i am going to watch museum. (that’s the ben stiller flick night at the museum, which is his new obsession.)
me: um, i don’t think you will actually. you should go play and be a kid and all.
nick: then can i watch wubbzy?
me: no, nick. no t.v.
nick: but i want to watch t.v.
me: (realizing i’ve just missed a portion of niecy’s wild and crazy foolishness) i want to watch this show. be quiet and go play.
nick: *sighs* maybe just one wubbzy?
me:  no, nick.
nick: how about just the zoo one? (this means a half-episode, one “segment” if you will)
me: FINE. go play and when my show is over, you can watch the zoo one of wubbzy.

he knows how to work it.

but i’m not complaining. actually, i think it’s rather hilarious. he’s schemy, very sneaky. it reminds me of someone else i know… ME!

i’m going to teach him to haggle at yard sales and then we’re hitting the streets this summer lookin’ for some steals and deals. we’d make a great conniving little team.

poor mike doesn’t stand a chance.


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