Posted by: angelnorman | April 30, 2008

oh sugar, you’re no friend of mine

a few weeks ago, i got this crazy notion that maybe i should work on eliminating sugar from our diets, mainly from nick’s because i worry about his sugar intake so much being that diabetes runs in our family and i have so many metabolic issues. like i said, it was a crazy notion and i must have been out of my ever-lovin’ mind because sugar-elimination is a lot harder than i ever thought it could be, especially for a toddler. one would think that since i’m the mom and therefore the head coach of team norman when it comes to these sorts of things, i would be able to sweep in with my iron fist and make the changes all at once with little repercussions. i’ve realized though that it’s not just nick who is addicted to sugar… it’s me and my entire family who is addicted to giving it to him.

that’s right, i said it. and i can’t rightly blame my family, namely his grandparents, when i do it too. (although on sunday morning after nick refused his bagel, my mother caved in and let him have veggie tales fruit snacks and an oatmeal creme pie for breakfast! i could have screamed when she told me that! but she’s already been in trouble for it, so there’s no sense in dwelling on it now :)) but my point is that there are times when it is so much easier to just give into the demand for sprite instead of an healthier alternative like water perhaps. and there are times when it’s wise to reward him with a treat…. but every single day? every single time he asks? i don’t think so.

and what really sucks is that i feel like i’ve failed him. i used to pride myself on how well he ate. his nutritional intake as a pre-toddler was phenomenal. carrots and peas and things of that sort were always his favorite things. the only think he knew of sweets then was a pancake with a little syrup. oh how lucky i had it then!

but somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten way off track.

remember those veggie tale fruit snacks i just mentioned? my mom sent a few packs home with nick, which she packed in his bag, on sunday. i was not aware of this, but when i was doing laundry on monday, i emptied his bag and found a single package of fruit snacks at the bottom. so i opened them, we shared them, and then they were gone and i thought nothing of it… until i went to get his dirty sheets off his bed so i could launder them. well i got there and found two opened and empty wrappers for veggie tales fruit snacks. now we don’t have fruit snacks here, so apparently nicholas found this stash before i did and decided to just let loose and eat them all.

flash forward to yesterday when i banned him from chewing gum for life. harsh punishment yes, but i seriously never want him to have it again until he’s old enough to not crave it like crazy. here’s what he did. first, let me explain that i bought 10 packs of chewing gum two weeks ago in those wrigley’s value packs things. we’ve went through about 4 packs since then, but the other 6 packs have mysteriously disappeared. some could have been thrown out, some could still be in the car, i dunno. but yesterday, there was one pack of wrigley’s spearmint in the bag and then the next minute, that pack was gone. so i asked nick what had happened to it. his reply? “it’s in my belly.” the whole thing?! so i flipped out and banned him from gum for life. i’m tired of finding random gum wrappers all over the house. so i sat him down and explained to him that we do not have sugary gums and foods without mommy’s permission. ever.

but it didn’t sink in well enough.

this morning nicholas decided to get a jumpstart on the day before i woke up. that’s always fun, but today he was especially sneaky about it.  i woke to find him staring at me, chomping on a piece of chewing gum like a pro. i asked him what he thought he was doing with the gum and where did he get it. he said, and i am not even kidding, “i put it up where you can’t get it.”


he repeated himself and i demanded that he go and get it. he hops off my bed, patters to the kitchen, and then opens the junk drawer and hands the gum over. it was only three pieces, but still, the point is that he has a stash now. he’s like a little alcoholic only with sugar- a sugarholic if you will- and he’s not hiding bottles all over the house, he’s hiding sugar stashes!


so now the terms have changed, and stashes will most certainly not be tolerated. he plays dirty, that one. i’m gonna need to step up my game.


P.S. I know some of you are curious about Mike’s job, so I wanted to let you know that yes, he did get the job and everything is underway for him to start his new position! Best of all, we DO NOT have to move to Atlanta. I am kinda sad about that, because I sort of liked the idea of going somewhere new, but mostly I’m just so relieved that we don’t have to worry with that right now. He can actually focus more on the job instead of having to adjust to a new work environment at the same time as a place to live… and I can focus on rennovating this house, so it’s very perfect really. Almost too perfect, so my pessimistic mindset is struggling to come out and say that it seems too good to be true… but we’ll see on Friday, when we receive the letter from HR and all. I have faith that God’s all over it though because I asked Him to be, so I will not let my pessimism get the best of me again!



  1. yahhhhhhhh…. i would rather have you here….congrats mike

  2. How funny! I am sorry Angel to laugh but Budz cracks me up. I will try to do better when he is with me. He makes me laugh so hard. He kinda reminds me of someone else I know……..

    I am so thankful you all don’t have to move to Atlanta I have been thanking the Lord over and over again. I am so happy!!!!!! Yay to Mike. Congratulations son-in-law I am so proud of you!!!

    Love ya,


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