Posted by: angelnorman | May 2, 2008

Stuff on my mind.

People I feel bad for today:

1. ScarJo, or Scarlett Johannson as most know her. Ooh, honey, that music video was one I could have done without seeing- and if I never had to hear that monotone song in the style of O’Connor I’d have been okay too- but I feel really bad that people are just tearing her a new one as she pursues something she loves. I mean, just don’t buy the dang album. Stop being mean though and let people sing if they want to sing, people!

FYI: I blame American Idol for the absolute addiction this country has to singing/performing perfection. Why can’t we just sing, make a joyful noise and all like the Bible says, and not offend the majority of people these days? Why can’t we just be who we want to be without insane scrutiny and criticism?

And why can’t that love of perfection our country has inherited in the “dumb areas” (yeah, I said it) extend to anal retentiveness in the intelligent areas– perhaps to things that could benefit from people giving their all to them, like our failing economy or our dying world. You know, the important stuff.

2. Julia Roberts. For those who do not know, Ms. Roberts was on Oprah’s fantastic Earth Day show promoting a book written by her friend called Gorgeously Green. On this show she admitted that she never wears deodorant (oh for shame!) because it’s not really her thing, and said that she often just freshens up when needed.

Who gives a crap if she doesn’t deodorize herself?

And tsk, tsk for not wanting breast cancer, Julia. Apparently it’s now a major crime.

Okay, so she never said that her no deo choice was for fear of aluminum or anything, but for serious, people. We’ve all been brainwashed into thinking everything we put on our skin is super healthy just because it’s been around for a good while. And I’ve really got a wild hair up my butt these days about what I use and what I believe. And I just can’t believe that rolling aluminum onto your lymph nodes is a good idea. Every single thing we put on our skin is absorbed into our body. And that bothers me on so many levels.

But just so you know, I do use deo. For now. If you ask me, it’s all foolishness, but I’m currently using Tom’s of Maine- unscented- and I’m applying it a lot more than normal because I failed to get the long-lasting kind. But I’ve found that this means that I, like Julia, am freshening up throughout the day. And how can we blame anyone for that? At least they care enough about themselves to keep it real.

So lay off her, people. I’m so tired of hearing/reading about that I could scream.

And in other news, I’m thinking of no longer using shampoo on myself and doing the baking soda/apple cider vinegar thing, but I was wondering what I should do about Nick. I’d like to stop using shampoo on him too so that his hair can get back to its naural state, but he already hates getting washed and such and I don’t imagine that he’d be down for the scrubbing of the baking soda and the stink of the vinegar. Too much for me to try on him at this age of his life, isn’t it? Or am I just being a wimp?

Any suggestions on natural shampoos that aren’t California Baby? I’m currently using Aveeno Baby (I know, I know) stuff on him and would like to at least switch to something more natural and less toxic. But it need not be something incredibly unaffordable or hard to attain either.



  1. i am reading that book, gorgeously green and am addicted….i think we need to have a “Green Girls Nite” at my house and sit around, drink wine, and discuss ways we can help our mother earth….

  2. i’d be all about it, shea. for sure. let’s do it soon too!

  3. Keep dry longer: naturally: crystal deodorant.

    As for Nick… dude, just rinse him off. My kids have shampoo (all natural of course) on their hair maybe every couple of weeks just to get the funk out. And I don’t think they stink or anything. They are too little to be too gross on their own! Just hose the little sucker off!

  4. Method @ Target has a new kids line

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