Posted by: angelnorman | May 4, 2008

whew, what a weekend.

so here’s my awesome weekend recap for your reading pleasure.

saturday- got up at crack of dawn (6 am to be exact) and drove to the ‘ville to take nick to my mom’s. after dropping him off, i accompanied my husband to his place of business for picnic table-building. actually, it was a huge effort on their part; they had food, games, activities for children, etc. we were tempted to take nick with us but i figured i’d rather be helping mike build the tables for the schools instead of outside by myself watching nick play on yet another inflatable, which we could do any day of the week if ever we wanted. so we didn’t bring nick and i ended up not having much to do because so many people were there to help– about 600 i believe. but you know, i’d rather be sitting on the sidelines because there was so much interest to help by the employees of this corporation than any other reason, so it was all good.

and they were way cute tables, and it only took about an hour for us to get done. i teased mike and told him that he MUST build nick one as soon as possible now that he’s a pro. btw, he’s the one on the right, with the drill.

Mike and our team building some picnic tables for the kiddies.

and when we were leaving, we felt really good about what we had done with our morning instead of sleeping in. we definitely didn’t regret anything. well that is until we ran into these guys and wished we would have had nick there with us! we did regret our choice to not bring him after we seen the storm trooper especially.


isn’t that hilarious? mike was totally geeking, but i was geeking for nicholas way worse. we stopped at rite aid on the way back and had this and some other snapshots of vader and the storm trooper, nick’s fave characters from the “darth vader movies”, printed up and he loved the pics when we gave them to him. we actually have this one pic where the storm trooper is looking in the reflective glass window and checking himself out that nick loves the best because mike told him that the storm trooper was looking for him. he thinks that’s funny, naturally.

sidenote: he cannot accept the fact that the storm troopers have no names, so i always have to say “this is jimmy the storm trooper. this is bob the storm trooper. and who is this one?” to which he almost always says “billy” or “richer” (richard). and on another sidenote- should i worry that my kid prefers the members of the dark side?

after the volunteering (and vadering), we went to the TN ren fest and walked around a bit. i wasn’t impressed. i spent way too much money and didn’t have very much fun. and nick was super bored. at one point in the day, he got so angry with us that he stamped his foot down hard on the ground and said, “we not do NUFFIN” and although i was over his ‘tude by this point, i couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. if i was bored, and i was, i couldn’t imagine what my three year old boy was feelin’. the poor guy was napless too that afternoon.

so after the face painting and fairy wings-purchasing, we blew that popsicle stand.

Showing me the paint on his fingers instead of his face painting.

sunday- went to church, had brunch with mike’s parents, came home and “straightened”, went to layla’s birthday party, and then did the grocery shopping. also, i got a jumpstart on my laundry thanks to MY HUSBAND. i love men who can wash clothes.

here are some of my fave pics from layla’s party. they’re mostly self-explanatory so i will only comment on the tractor ones.

The donkey, whose name was Burrito, was Nick's favorite animal.


I just love them both.



and that brings us to the most exciting part for nick. we were playing croquet on the lawn while the other kids finished up their cake and ice cream when in the distance, nick and i spotted a john deere mowing the lawn next door. so we rushed to the edge of the yard where not only did nick get to watch the tractor at work, but where he also got to see a freight train roll by! it was like a slice of heaven for him– on his left, a tractor and on his right, a train. so after the train rolled through, the man on the tractor waved to us, turned his tractor off, and came to the fence and asked nick if he wanted to drive it. i thought that was incredibly sweet because this man didn’t know us from adam’s housecat and he was taking the time out of his busy schedule to cater to MY kid. i thought that was incredible. so we said we didn’t want to impose and he said that the reason he bought the tractor, which has a double seat cab, was so that he would have an extra seat for his daughters because they like to do that too.

so we let nick go over the fence and onto this tractor with a stranger. well, no, not a total stranger. i at least knew his name was mark and he lived next door to a place where they did kid’s birthday parties, so therefore he couldn’t be too bad 🙂

Mark and Nick set off to cut the grass.

Nick is an old man in a little boy's body, I swear.

i still think it was really sweet of mr. mark to do that. i could see him telling nick what things did and letting him push buttons. he was lifting the scoop up and down and then they switched seats and nick drove the whole shebang… and when i say he drove, i mean he steered and everything. my normally sheepish and quiet child was just a blabbing away to mark, i’m sure asking if he could pull every lever and push every buton in that thing! it was very cool and nick really had a blast. he got off the tractor just a smilin’.

of course this means that we missed layla opening all of her gifts! but the party was a great way to round out the busy-ness of the weekend– the first of many in this month, i’ll go ahead and warn you!



  1. Awesome weekend! I love the picture of Star Wars Michael J. LOLOL Nick is a little sweet boy. Those pictures are great!

  2. dude…bob the stormtrooper is my fave….denton would hace so geeked out too…mike and denton could wallow in their geekness as we laugh and take pictures…now if han solo was there i would have been alllll on that

  3. I am so glad that budz got to do the John Deere tractor how cool is that he should have called and told G about it. I love that picture.

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