Posted by: angelnorman | May 9, 2008

Before I go.

Since the roadtrip was planned, I’ve been thinking to myself, “FINALLY! I can finally get a break and get away from these jerks and have a moment to just breathe or poop or shower without someone all up in my biz-nass!” Yeah, I said it. I have been looking forward to having just one day where I didn’t have to change pull ups, give reminders to go potty, make meal after meal, clean up behind people, etc. And that doesn’t include all I have to do for Nick. (HA! I slay me.) Seriously though, I know it probably sounds terrible but the bottom line is that I haven’t had any time lately to just focus on what I want to do without having to factor in what works for everyone. So this is a nice opportunity to not have to aruge about how I’ve scheduled our night out (Mike always moans and groans any time we have any obligation that involves anything he hates, like shopping, as in for Mother’s Day gifts last night),  or what Nick or Mike wants to eat for dinner.

Seriously, the most exciting thing to me is this: I am sure that when Jen and I are trying to decide where to eat, she won’t say to me, “I dunno.” Then I won’t have to say, “Pizza?” And she won’t follow it with, “That sounds good.” And then I won’t say, “Or tacos?” And she won’t then reply, “Or that. That sounds good too.” Leaving me with making all the decisions on what sounds the best to her. My husband is REALLY good at doing this to me. I mean, friggin just tell me what you’re in the mood for, dang it.

I digress.

I said yesterday afternoon that I’d feel worse about my excitement over leaving these jokers behind if maybe they acted like they’d miss me. Nick didn’t care when I told him I was leaving and that I wouldn’t be back for a whole day. Well, he did say that was sad, but then I explained he’d be staying with Jenson until daddy came to pick him up. Then all I heard for an hour was him yelling, “I stayin’ with Jenson?! YAY! I am happy!” while hopping all over the place.

And Mike. Oh Mike. He was being super jealous and would follow my every plan with “I would like to…” For instance, I would say, “I’m going swimming so check my bikini line and tell me if I missed a spot.”  (yes, I really asked him to do this for me.) “You’re going swimming? I’d like to go swimming.” Or when I said, “Phew, I can’t wait to get away!”, he’d reply, “I’d like to get away too.”

By all means.

Eventually I just stopped talking about it. He’d ask me something about what we were gonna do there and I’d blow it off. Then last night he finally told me that I deserved to go and that he wanted me to have fun. Finally I felt like he had my back and actually, you know, cared about my mental well being for once.

And this morning, I awoke to a sweet boy in my face whispering, “Hi, Mommy. I love you, Mommy. You make me happy.” And I opened my eyes and smiled at him just in time for him to plant the smallest little kiss on my lips.

If I get nothing else for Mother’s Day, I’m a happy woman. My husband has told me to go shop and get happy and my kid was nice to me for once this year, without being forced or bribed. That is gift enough.


And yes, omg, Everly was precious. I didn’t stay long there because I know what it’s like when you’re in the hospital and you just want to rest and relax some. I had so many people in my room all the time, mainly because my blood pressure was high and my baby was in NICU so I was getting constantly checked out while receiving constant updates on him… and that didn’t include all the family that came to visit. I was thankful for the visits, but I am afraid that I wasn’t very good company then because I was so worn out from the doctors and nurses and lactation consultants and social workers signing us up for TennCare and the administation people doing the billing…. Phew, it makes me tired just thinking about it. So I didn’t want to bother Steph or Chad.

I got to hold Everly though and if I wanted a baby before, I REALLY wanted one after holding her. She is adorable!



  1. When i went to visit Sarah last year she constantly banged on the bathroom door when i was in there screaming mommy mommy, just so i would feel at home…lololol

  2. I”m sorry we missed swimming..I’M SO SAD.

    YOU DESERVED THIS TRIP! As you know..I”m so glad you went with me!

    P.S. I hope I made decisions easy on you..LOL..Because everyone knows if you ask me if I want ice cream or cookies for lunch..I’ll simply reply..YES. nuff said. LOL

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