Posted by: angelnorman | May 13, 2008

Cause a girl needs some color

Random Factoid: I own no nail polish. Like none. Well, no, I do own this one bottle of some cheap light pink color (so light that it’s almost white), but of course it doesn’t even hardly show up so it’s never used. I once had a caboodle (yes, you read correctly. I still have one!) that was chocked full of nail polish, but it all either dried up or turned into that oily gunk that makes it hard to identify what color it once was.

I started getting rid of my polishes, too, because I wanted some that didn’t contain as many bad-for-you chemicals. I am okay with it still being chemically based as long as there were far fewer bad ingredients, ya know? Furthermore, I was hoping that I could just walk into a salon and purchase some decent polish that wouldn’t kill me or destroy my alredy thin, flimsy nails after one application. But it’s not that easy. I went to a beauty salon supply store this weekend and looked all around for something that didn’t contain toluene or phthalates, but of course I saw none on the shelves that didn’t read, “Hey buy me because I won’t cause you to have any unnecessary reproductive issues!” and I hadn’t done my research in advance about what companies had banned what chemicals. So I asked for help from an associate.

Me: Hi. Do you have any nail polish that is, um, more natural than say a conventional polish?
Sales lady: Yes, we have natural nail polish. Have you tried this brand? (Picking up one of the sheer nude shades of Orly) We have lots of natural colors.
Me: Oh. Well see, I’m not looking for natural colors. I’m looking for polish made from more natural, less harmful ingredients.
Sales lady: *blank stare*
Me: See, I have this issue with my nails…

Insert long story here that ended in me purchasing cuticle oil and rejuvenating polish. Hmph.

So I went on a hunt for the more natural polish, and I keep ending up at the same place: Honeybee Gardens. I have ordered product from them before and was impressed by the quality as well as the speed in which I got my goodies in the mail. But I hate that I have to order it online, because I want it now. It’s flip flop season and my toes are hideous. Polish isn’t going to make that better but it’s going to make me feel better about it. And that’s all that matters.

Any recommendations or should I just place my online order?


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