Posted by: angelnorman | May 15, 2008

Morning Mess

This morning I slept in a little, but for the first time in a really long time, Nicholas did not comply. Any other day he would wake me up with kisses, or perhaps begging for breakfast. This morning, it was not so. Instead, he remained as quiet as possible and I woke up only because I heard him tinkering with something in the bedroom. He apparently failed to get the memo on this particular day that if mommy’s sleeping, we curl up with her or we wake her up. We never ever play alone.

Not only had he soaked through his pull-up so much that he was wet up into his shirt, but he had pooped in there also. No trying to take it off, no asking for help. I mean, the pull-up was nothing but a swollen mess of pee, it was beyond ridiculous. His bed was soaked too. After doing all this, or perhaps before, he got into my purse and decided to use the mascara to paint on the carpet. When I went to change his sheets, I found my Burt’s Bees lip balm under his pillow, clearly indicating that he decided he was going to hide it away for a later use.

When I scolded him, I held up the tube of lip balm and said, “Nick, this is Mommy’s. You never touch Mommy’s things.” He said in reply while folding his arms, “But I lost mine and I need it, and I NEVER HAVE MINE AGAIN!” Then he added, “Hmph!”

So I woke up and went straight to work this morning first thing, before I even took care of my normal morning business, because I had to clean and feed my kid and of course I had to clean the mess he made in the house. Fun! I threw Nick in the tub, washed him off, threw the laundry in the washer, etc. I’ve just now been able to sit down. I hate mornings like this! I like to ease into my chores.

Apparently I didn’t get the memo that said being a SAHM meant having a flexible schedule and not always having your day go just so.


  1. Ah, mascara on the carpet. Yes, I’ve been down this road.

  2. haven’t had the mascara on the carpet thing, but while Scott was watching (or not watching) Abby proceeded to find some bright lipstick and color the toilet seat and bathroom door! Don’t ya just love it when the kids play with your make up! Hope your day is better!

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