Posted by: angelnorman | May 16, 2008

dining room update

Yesterday on my cleaning rampage, I decided to finally bite the bullet and clean my dining room. Looking at my dining room lately from my favorite spot on the couch has made me shudder with dread, dread of the day when I would need to get rid of all the many things that have been collecting on the dining room table, mop the floors which were covered with layers and dirt and grime, and vacuum the rug which still had bits of construction mayhem all over it. I had been pushing it off because my husband is still not done with our wall… and why bother cleaning when I know that sanding the drywall is only going to make one heck of a mess to clean up all over again?

But I had to do it give it up yesterday and just dive right into it. I reached my limit on how much I could take before looking at it just ticked me right off. And apparently it was enough of a hint for my husband to come home and start working on it again… haha. I should have cleaned all along so that he would feel inspired. We all know that no one ever wants to work on the house until I have the house looking just the way I want…

So here’s my clean dining room and then a pic of me mudding last night. Woo, home repairs!

 Now if only I could get him to fix my guest bathroom sink. 🙂

 Here’s you some happiness:

I can’t believe how big he is in comparison. I went to upload a new video of him doing a puppet show for me (blog coming soon) and this video was there, so I decided to check it out. Isn’t he great? There is nothing more beautiful in this world to me than the sound of my child laughing. I’m so incredibly lucky to have such an adorably sweet, hilariously fun, precious child.


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