Posted by: angelnorman | May 20, 2008

What is inside must occasionally be purged.

It was a hard weekend. On Friday, the hubs received a rejection letter regarding his application for the new job, despite being told that he was “in” and that everything was a go. He immediately sent out emails with numerous question marks in them to the folks who’ve been telling him all along that he’s golden, and he even received a hurried response from one of them stating that he was not aware of this change and it would be looked into. After much of him pulling his hair out while explaining all this to me, he gets another email from HR saying that the rejection letter was mistakenly sent and that he was still the only candidate for the position. So everything worked out. Sort of. 

Today they said that they’d only hire him for $10k less than originally promised– and I could rant and rave on this matter but at this time, we feel it’s best to focus less on the money and more on the fact that this is still a major promotion, with a lot more money a year than we are accustomed to having, and my husband really wants to do this.

Friday night we watched Juno and something about it seriously depressed me. I’m not sure if it was the ending or the surge of hormones from me PMS-ing this week, but something was amiss and I just bawled and bawled and bawled.

Saturday, the hubs and kid went to the Discovery Center while I slept in and hung out in my semi-cleaned home all by myself. To their dismay it was a free day and thus overly  crowded, so they didn’t stay out long. We spent the rest of the weekend being lazy, working on our computers, playing the Sims, and hanging out.

Tonight we watched Lars and the Real Girl. From the time I saw the first preview of this movie, I was in love with the concept. It was so good. At the risk of sounding completely grandmother-ish, I just adore that Ryan Gosling. Speaking of being grandmotherly, I also started knitting again and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my June issue of Better Homes and Gardens in the mail. How’s that for being elderly?

Speaking of things coming in the mail… I bit the bullet last week and ordered the overpriced nail polish and odorless nail polish remover from Honeybee Gardens. First I must say that they are not kidding about odorless. It baffles the mind. Second I must warn you that the polish is SO thin that it took me 4 coats when I polished my nails tonight and even then, they didn’t look that hot. But I did get a compliment from the hubs. I think he likes it when I am womanly, no matter if it costs me $7 a bottle or not.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I’m planning a dinner for hubs’ 31st birthday and inviting close family and friends. Then the following Thursday night, we’re headed out to the mountains for a few days or leisure, so that’s nice too. I’m excited. I have loads of plans now with the family over the next few weeks. It feels good to be around those who love us so much. We’re so incredibly fortunate that we have that nearby. I know I’ve been saying a lot recently that I was a little bummed about the Atlanta thing when it turned out that it wasn’t a necessary move… but the truth is that I would ache to be here if I were there. I mean, the excitement of starting over, and in a hip place where we could make a new hip life for ourselves, was fun to fret over for awhile. And I guess a part of me was let down a bit that the chance to start fresh wasn’t an option.

I realize now though, that through the grace and mercy of God, we always have a chance to start fresh. We have been handed a blessing with this work-from-home gig Mike’s scored. Plain and simple, any way you spin it, it’s a blessing for us. It’s been a tough road but it makes the reward all the more sweeter. So don’t be fooled when you hear me speak of missed opportunities in far away places 🙂 I’m actually really pleased, despite what I say, to be in a place I love with people I love, with a new life in Christ, with a new hope for tomorrow, and all the while with a promise of a better and more secure financial situation.

I just wish the money would start rolling in again so I can go to Gatlinburg and not worry about every little thing we do, HA!


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