Posted by: angelnorman | May 21, 2008

a little?

what a craptastic week this is turning out to be.

yesterday at random, i got really nauseous. it was such a random discomfort that i toyed with the idea of being pregnant– which oddly enough made me super anxious to think about although i’ve been claiming to want another kid. (the test was negative, btw.) i thought maybe it was that lean cuisine meal i’d just eaten, but you know, i’ve had it before and it had never disagreed with my belly until this point. so i tried to forget it and move on. it lasted about an hour or two and then all the sudden, i was fine. the rest of the afternoon, all night– no nausea at all.

and now it’s back! how frustrating.

so i was thinking maybe i’m only a LITTLE pregnant. my period is still almost a week away, so technically i’m not late. girls who regulate their periods with medicine can’t be “late” 🙂 but my original thought went back to when i was preggy with nicholas. the day i found out, i had unexplained nausea in spurts. i couldn’t do anything without feeling gross. i went on “smoke break” and just laid on the bench and held my belly because the thought of smoking gagged me and sitting up made me ache. i couldn’t even smoke on my coveted smoke break– i knew something was up then! so that night my test was positive and i became a mommy. when i went to my first dr’s appt, they thought that based on the time when i had last had a period, i was probably 2 months pregnant and due on christmas day.

so they ordered an ultrasound and i got all prepped for it, ready to see my little christmas angel… but then they couldn’t find my little peanut baby inside my uterus. they tried twice and still, no baby. they sat me down and started talking to me about bloodwork and ectopic pregnancies and all sorts of things that had me anxious all weekend while vacationing with the fam in gatlinburg.

when i came back and my bloodwork showed an elevated level of hcg, they ordered another ultrasound and there he was. he was, my doctor said, just very small and probably hiding. long story made short: they readjusted my due date till 1 month later saying that when i first felt pregnant and took the pregnancy test, i must have only been a week or so pregnant. i was amazed that already it had made me so sick… but it sort of set the tone for the rest of the pregnancy because i had some bad mamma-jamma morning sickness for nearly 6 straight months.

so i guess i can be a little pregnant, though i’m probably not. it’s probably some stomach bug and later this afternoon i’ll be hugging the toilet or screaming for nick to bring me more toilet paper. on the flipside though, you know me. i once needed to buy stock in EPT because i would test at the slightest little thing since my periods were always so sporadic and came whenever they felt like it. so i will re-test i’m sure if my period never comes once i’ve taken all 10 of my progesterone pills– which will be in a few days, HA.

i may be overreacting, but you know. that’s my perrogative.



  1. *fingers crossed*

  2. That is so exciting. I definately believe that you can start getting queasy right away!

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