Posted by: angelnorman | May 21, 2008

They’re all my favorite.

Dear Gran,

I’ve been telling you a lot lately about Nick’s love of Transformers, and today he was just a jabberin’ away about it because I bought him some Transformers big boy undies. So he was wearing his Optimus Prime (or “Ocktimus Pie” as he says) pair and holding the others (they’re all clean of course!) while watching Transformers. I thought you’d really get a kick out of how he’s naming all his favorites, and how everything seems to be his favorite 🙂 I thought you’d also get a kick out of how hard I was working to actually get Nick to call Optimus Prime what he normally calls him– Obama. He only ended up saying it once, probably because Mike’s been drilling him with Transformer names every single night this week. I’ll be so sad the day he stops calling Optimus Prime “Obama”.

But anyways, I took this video so you could see him all chatty! It made me laugh. Notice how he calls Roscoe and Alex “RoscoeAlex” as if they were one dog. My favorite part though was when I asked him if he liked Barack Obama and he looked at the undies like he was looking for a character on the underoos. 🙂 Then he goes, “Naaaaaw” like he usually does when he’s decided our questions are too silly for him.


❤ Ang

P.S. See the new video page for more!



  1. Oh that is the sweetest thing in the world. I love him soooooooo! (Gran’s baby talk)

    Tell him for me, I am going to kiss all over his wittle face…….

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