Posted by: angelnorman | May 22, 2008

A small success= big (albeit premature) celebration


Me: C’mon, Nick. We have to get our haircuts and go get daddy for lunch. We’ve gotta hurry up and get ready. Let’s get a pull up on.
Nick: No! I hafta wear big boy undawear.
Me: Well, but… we’re… uh… we’re going out and mommy can’t deal with accidents when we’re out in public (Yes, I SO DID say this. How terrible of me, eh? Who exactly needs potty-training here, me or him?)
Nick: But Daddy says we don’t wear pull-ups anymore. I wear undawear!
Me: Actually, you’re right. Underwear it is. Bumblebee or Obama?
Nick: Obama!

Clearly the student has become the teacher.

We got out, got our hair did (You should hear Nick say this, if ever he will say it for anyone other than me and other than in the car. “I got my hay-uh did”.), went to get Mike, had lunch with him at the mall, went back to Mike’s work and showed ourselves off to Mike’s coworkers, came home, cut the grass, and then went to a playdate at a different mall.

Read my lips:

Absolutely. no. potty. accidents.

That’s right… he stayed dry ALL day, even during his resty time.

This hasn’t happened in ages, folks, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can. Perhaps I’ll bust open the champagne or light up a cigar– something that marks the occasion with real celebration.

I promised him a new webkinz (he’s eye-ing the bulldog one; well actually, he wants all the doggy ones!) if he repeats the good behavior this weekend. I will keep you updated because we are so busy this holiday weekend that if I manage to have him trained throughout the mayhem and foolishness, I’ll be so proud of myself I won’t be able to resist the urge to blog. So stay tuned, suckas.



  1. that’s awesome! great Job Nick! big celebration day! cute hair cut! I’m toying with the idea of getting Abby’s cut, she’s never had a hair cut before! It’s so long & curly, I’m afraid her curls will go away if I get it cut! Anyway Nick’s hair looks too cute! have a great weekend! good luck w/ the pottying!

  2. Rock on Nick….and Angel……keep up the good job, bribing your children does wonders

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