Posted by: angelnorman | May 25, 2008

A few pics to show off my Memorial Day weekend thus far.

We Normans have been super busy this weekend, but we’ve had a lot of fun in the process. It started on Friday, when Mike and I went out on a date while my mom babysat free of charge (gotta love them grandparents! :)). We went to see the newest Narnia and had dinner afterwards at O’Charley’s. We didn’t end up getting home and getting to bed until 1 am, but it was so worth it to spend some time together.

On Saturday, we went to my nephew Kaden’s birthday party at a skating rink near where he lives and had a blast trying to skate. Actually, when I say “we” tried to skate, I mean Mike and Nick. I of course do not skate. I will not try either. I’m much too big to learn now, and I bruise easily. Yeah, that’s what I’m going with.

Kaden's party.

Kaden's party.

Kaden's party!

After the party, we came back home and ate dinner with the ILs, Mike’s dad and stepmom, and talked about how we were all so excited to go to the mountains next weekend! Then once we had our bellies full, it was off to the Volunteer park to watch my FIL play baseball with his church league. Nick was shouting for anyone at bat. “YAY!” he exclaimed. “Go!” I got to see a few of my previous bible study girls, so that was fabulous.

Went to church today with my ILs too and seen even more of my bible study friends. I am so, so, so excited about studying Daniel, which is the Beth Moore study I begged my MIL to do for me and my friends. Turns out it’s just gonna be me and then whomever from the church that signs up, but that is okay by me. I’m just excited to be there at all, studying God’s word and learning (hopefully) as much as I did while studying the Patriarchs.

Sidenote: I am so ready to be right there with God. I have felt so far from Him lately, despite going to church whenever I can to get the message and to worship, and despite reading devotionals every now and again. It’s just not the same as it was in Bible study for me, I guess. I feel like God is right there with me during those studies, and Beth of course has the wonderful gift of making every word she writes seem totally relate-able. When I do it on my own, I still know God is there but I don’t feel Him as much. So I am stoked to get that back. I told my MIL I’m already looking ahead to what study we’re going to start after this one ends Aug. 21st 🙂

Memorial Day picnic!

Back to the point though. Today after church, we had this huge picnic and we all had lots of fun playing horseshoes, participating in the egg toss, eating some delicious picnic grub, and of course, felloshipping with our new friends. Nicholas made a new friend in Sunday School today, J, and when we got back to the church in time for the picnic, J ran up to Nick and gave him a big hug. It was so very cute and I was happy to see him jumping right in to the fun and excitement without me forcing him to get out of his shell, ya know?

And he is still accident-free, so I’m guessing he’s officially potty-trained although I’ll be more celebratory when he decides he’s going to start announcing when he has to go. At this time, we’re still having to either ask him or suggest to him that he try. Baby steps!



  1. Nick’s hair looks so handsome!

  2. the last pic of Nick is adorable! makes you just want to scoop him up & hug him. let me tell ya, it’s great when they start telling you they have to go potty, except when they announce it loudly in a crowded restaurant, they gotta go#2, or when they come back from doing it and announce to the whole table at the loudest yell what they’ve just done! so embarrasing! at least for me! Anyway congrats!!

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