Posted by: angelnorman | May 26, 2008

Happy birthday, loves.

There’s this amazing man I know that I want to tell you all about. He stands about six- foot-one, weighs in at about 260 or so, and is the most adorable man I’ve ever met. He has the best, warmest eyes in the world. Not many eyes can be called warm, but when I look into his eyes, warm is exactly what I feel. He loves his family, especially the nieces and nephews, because being that hip uncle who teaches them about spitballs and chases them around the yard with water guns is what extended family life is all about for him! 

He is a coffee-addict, computer-lovin’, videogame-mastering whirlwind of fun and laughter. He can join almost any conversation and fit right in. I seriously can’t help but laugh with him, and yes sometimes at him, whenever we’re together, no matter the occasion. We have the best time together, even when we’re doing something mundane like playing WoW or even watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. We have almost the same style of humor, and it makes for the best tv conversation, let me tell ya. There is absolutely no one in this world who I’d rather watch The Office with. NO ONE.

He makes me laugh more than any person I’ve ever met before. And he understands me, even when we don’t see eye to eye. He is a joke-teller, a boo-boo-kisser, a great hug-giver (nothing in this world makes me feel more at home than being in his arms!) a laid back friend, a loyal son, a mechanically- and musically-inclined soul.

I just absolutely adore him, inside and out. I have from the very moment we became friends.

When I venture out to yet another girls’ night with my mommy friends, he happily sees me off and wishes me a good time. Where I insist upon “me-time”, he never asks to take a turn, with or without friends. He just bids me farewell and takes over all my duties for the night. He makes dinner, he cleans, he takes care of his kid without needing to be asked or forced (ha!)…. OH! and he folds the laundry way more than I fold it. He’s great at domestic stuff, sometimes better than me and it’s the profession I’ve chosen 🙂

And that’s what stands out the most to me about this man: how great he is, how selfless… how he works behind the scenes and is content with not even being mentioned in the credits 90% of the time. There are so many occasions when this man works his butt off at work all day then goes to school all night, only to come home and listen to me complain about how much I do all day (or nag about things he doesn’t do as if they matter at all, and oh yes even this doting wife is guilty of the frequent nagging- sorry, baby!), even though it doesn’t even come close to equalling what he does. And not only does he listen to me whine and moan, but he often even sympathizes and willingly gives more of himself to alleviate my stress.

And today he turned 31.

It was good to celebrate him with a dinner tonight. To celebrate his life, his spunk, his love of all things chocolate!

I’m such a lucky woman to be married to someone so precious.

Mike, and our niece Alyssa, blow out the candles on the best. cake. ever.

My sweet husband, you truly do amaze me and I’m so fortunate to be able to call you my best friend. You are absolutely the best dad I’ve ever seen, despite any disagreements we’ve had in the past about different techniques, HA! You’re a great and devoted husband, a hard worker whether anyone wants to pay you for it or not, a wonderful role model and an awesome father for our son, not to mention one heck of a Guitar Hero.

What ever would I do without you?



  1. Happy Birthday Michael..sorry we missed it . 😦

  2. I approve of this message. Thanks Babe!

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