Posted by: angelnorman | May 26, 2008

On my mind…

1. I am a free woman living in a free nation, thanks to men and women like.. my cousin Davey.

My cousin Davey and me.

David is home from Iraq!!! For good… at least for now. He just got off the bus Saturday around 4 pm. Welcome home, soldier, and thank you for a job well done!

2. I have the greatest, cutest cousins ever.

My cousins and siblings.

My aunt Vicki gave me a copy of this picture today. This that you see is a picture of a scanned print-out, so you’re not seeing it in its best quality, but you can see enough to gather that this is me with all my cousins (and my 3 brothers) on my dad’s side. At the top is my awesome cousin David, the same one in #1 there only with much more rockin’ hair 🙂 And then it’s my cousin Stephanie, then Me (you’re so jealous of my ‘do, I know!), my brother Mark, and my cousin Elizabeth (Buffy). In the little kids, it’s Drew, then Trey in front of him, Rachel, my brother Micah in front, and then my brother Joseph in the awesome plaid pants.

Owning a copy of this picture makes me very happy indeed.

3. My brothers rock. And Mark, I still miss you each and every day. Don’t you think I’ll ever forget you, big brother! You’re gonna be one of the first people I reconnect with whenever I get to heaven, for reals. Better look for me ’cause I’m gonna be expecting you!

Owning this pic makes me happy too! I love those boys, even if my brothers are heathens now who never come and see me. 😉 But it really takes me right back to when we were all growing up together. It makes me a little emo, really, so I am movin’ on now.

But seriously, c’mon. I had the best hair out of all of them. Mark was totally trying to compete with me in a mullet showdown, but I think I win cause my bangs are fan-freakin-tastic! I told Mike I was going back to that style and he said he’d be down for that. We’ll see what he thinks when I go out and buy a curling iron and actually do it. I may do it in Gatlinburg and see if he’ll willingly walk around with me like that. I bet he would. He loves me despite my style defiencies.

Check it out in all its glory. Extreme close-up of extreme hair.

4. Gatlinburg is 2 days away. And tomorrow, I’m getting both a mani and a pedi, WOOT.



  1. that hair just made my morning.

  2. Look at that cheesy smile, awww 🙂

  3. nice…i think you might be responsible for gloabal warming….

  4. I absolutely loved this post! Thanks for sharing it.

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