Posted by: angelnorman | May 28, 2008

Accident free deserves…

Please joining me in welcoming Roscoe and Alex to our family.

No, not these little apple-headed guys.




Roscoe #2

Alex #2

Nicholas comes up with the most original names for his stuffed animals, let me tell ya. I’m being saracastic of course. He has absolutely no imagination. We have a collection of stuffed doggies all named some variation of “Dog”. There was Doggy, Puppy, Other Doggy, Little Doggy, Little Puppy, Dalmatian Doggy, and Copper. Copper was named by Nicholas’s friend Layla.

So Alex is the Basset Hound and Roscoe is the bulldog. According to the Webkinz adoption process, Alex is a playful, outgoing basset hound whose best friend is a chihuahua. He was born July 12th, he loves puzzles, and if it were his birthday he’d want to eat pretzels. Roscoe, on the other hand, thinks telling jokes is the best way to spend his time and his best friend is a pegasus. He is reportedly great in school and has been told that he is unique. If it were his birthday, he’d want to eat oranges.

They’re pretty cute, even if the website does overwhelm me a bit.


P.S. I love my pups. So does Nick.



  1. Alex was born on our anniversary. NICE.

  2. the haircut! the tatoo! that face!

    too cute! way to go nick!

  3. Those wittle puppies are so precious. My Roscoe and lalex are precious too.

    I love my budz it is the sweetest in da world

  4. Hey, my Webkinz is a Chihuahua, I can be Nick’s friend! 🙂

    His name is Rico Suave.

  5. Send me your user name so we can be friends!

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