Posted by: angelnorman | May 29, 2008

What else?

I am sort of notorious in my gang for being anxious and then complaining about some of the dumbest things– how much time I don’t have to do the things I need to do being the number one source of all my complaining 90% of the time. I’m sure anyone who has read my blogs on the spring cleaning that still hasn’t been completely finished or anyone who’s heard me talk about my ever-growing to-do lists can attest,  I am a major complainer about how much needs to be done and a serious procrastinator when it comes to actually you know, doing the things. I decided this past weekend that I would not let my busy getaway prep time, which was for me this week Tuesday and today, get the best of me. I simply set out with a small goal of getting the house in a decent shape, not necessarily clean and sparkling but at least sanitary and not disgusting, for Michelle to stay here while we were away… and getting packed.

Well… I pushed it all off till today, simply using yesterday as the day where I make my lists and check them twice. Bad move on my part. I went to my friend Ems’ house this afternoon to pick up an umbrella stroller she’s gonna let me borrow for the weekend since we’ll be walking, and all the sudden, I felt like total crap. My head was pounding, my throat aching… and that doesn’t even cover the female issues I’ve got going on. Yipee.

Very suddenly, my allergies are actin’ a fool on me. I picked up dinner, decided against going to the store and stocking up on groceries so that Michelle had something to eat while we were away without having to actually go out and get her own food (I figured it was the least I could do). I came home and took a claritin and went to bed. Of course I woke up at 9:30 feeling dazed and confused from the allergy medicine and not sleepy at all… NICE, considering I have so much to do tomorrow now.

I have to:
1. Bathe my stinkin’ kid. I think it’s been something like 4 days now.
2. Pack all of our suitcases.
3. Pack some toys/books for Nick’s entertainment.
4. Go to the store and at least get some frozen foods for Michelle.
5. Straighten, dust, vacuum.
6. Change the bed sheets and clean my bedroom.
7. Change the dogs’ kennel blankets.
8. Make many lists with numbers and all instructions on how to properly work the remote because Michelle still doesn’t get it.
9. Take Jen her car back cause I’ve had it for almost three weeks now. Sorry, Jen. I just use, use, use. 😛
10. Get better.

It’s a daunting list, but oddly enough I’m not as worried as I feel I should be. In fact, I signed myself up to be out of the house and with Ems today for most of the day! We don’t have to be in Gatlinburg any certain time… we have a code to access the cabin so my ILs don’t have to be there or even awake to let us in.  So i’m not stressing anything but these stupid allergies. It would figure that I am mostly on top of the stress and then, WHAM! I get sick.

Okay, off to bed to force myself to rest so that I can actually stay awake while I’m hanging with the Hartley boys in the morning.



  1. that list makes me feel guilty!!!!! ha!
    but seriously, when my alarm went off this morning, the first thing i thought was,
    wow, i love angel.

  2. hope ya’ll have a great time this weekend and you feel better!

  3. Have fun! can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.

    The car will be here when you get home if you need it again for a month. 🙂

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