Posted by: angelnorman | June 3, 2008

could you speak up, please?

i have had some kind of day. why does it always seem like those days that i brag about prematurely end up being my worst. days. ever.? it wasn’t until i sat down just now with a Nestle crunch bar, all ready to check email that i realized how craptastic my day has truly been. subconciously, i am crying out at myself as is evident by my eating all around the word “run” on my nestle crunch bar. i finally let loose with some tears and i feel a little better. the chocolate helps too though.

it was just one of those days where i spontaneously fell asleep while watching oswald with my child only to wake thirty minutes later to hear those dreaded words of, “mommy, i pooped in my pants.” although i wanted to shut my eyes and pretend i hadn’t heard him, i got up and changed him and put him down for a nap. i threw his dirtied pants into the tub and ran the hottest water i could. the ground-in, smooshed poop was coming out of his undies, all was seemingly well. then we took a nap.

or i took a nap anyways. i’m guessing he did not since the entire contents of my jewelry box were scattered across my bedroom floor, and i’m almost 100% certain it wasn’t roscoe’s or alex’s fault. when we “woke”, i made him lunch and he went to potty. from the bathroom i hear him shouting, “mommy! there’s poopy in the tub”

i go to check on this wild and crazy story and sure enough, there are chunks of poo in my bathtub because MY DRAIN IS CLOGGED. so i had to use toilet paper and remove chunks of poop by the wet toilet paper handfuls. but of course it didn’t end there because the tub had to be scoured and disinfected and i can’t do either with a clogged drain. oh the drama. i had to clean out the drain, from which i removed 3 bathtub crayons and enough hair to cover a small rodent. i finally got this done and rinsed out my bathtub a gazillion times, afraid of course of germs in the same place i bathe my child.

i wanted to cry then, but i didn’t. and as is typical of any bad day, it only got worse.

i killed two bugs in my house this morning and called my husband to chew him out for not spraying more frequently. well according to him, the spray is supposed to last 6 months. to me it seems like perhaps the spray ain’t working and we should hire a professional, cause you know i don’t do bugs. i hate them. ants included. he says a professional is too expensive. i say we can justify the cost. i then throw in that i would feel a lot better about things if he would just finish my freakin’ kitchen floor so that i know no critters are coming in that way.

and then we fight.

and then i cut the front yard TILL MY LAWNMOWER RAN OUT OF GAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE JOB and went to the store to buy groceries. hence where my new supply of chocolate comes from.

i’m sure tomorrow i will laugh it off, but for today, i am physically and mentally exhausted– unfair, considering that i spent all morning trying to recharge my spiritual energy. boooooo.



  1. You’ll feel better tomorrow..just wait. Call me if you want to vent’s fun to go back and forth with I”m just glad we’re in this together.

  2. dont you love cleaning poo pot of undies….it is my fave thing…thank god its summer, i make coen clean his own in the yard with the hose, brutal i know

  3. i have three cans of gas in the garage! call me next time you run out!

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