Posted by: angelnorman | June 4, 2008

Portion schmortion.

A much better day, thank you for asking. Your comments made me feel better too. Much obliged.

I wanted to share a story with you all that I read @ Elastic Waist. I love, love, love this website and particularly every article that Weetabix writes. If you’re new to reading blogs and you’re looking for a much better writer than myself to read- cause let’s face it, it you’re here reading this now, you are either friend or family and you are probably only here to see what crazy anecdotee Nick has said today or what hijinks he’s pulled-, so if you’re looking to read something more entertaining, try my friend Emily. Then try Weetabix, cause like my friend Emily, she makes me laugh or cry (or both) in almost everything she writes.

This blog, though, is about the racket that is the health food industry. I have said numerous times that portion control shouldn’t cost me $2 a box but that’s exactly what Wal-Mart sells their 100 Calorie Pack snack foods for. I rarely eat one packet anyways, thus defeating the purpose to begin with, so I don’t buy these anymore. And now I feel justified for thinking and acting against the grain, because it’s a valid point, dang it.

Why not buy real Oreos and eat just one or two? Bag some up for later in the week. Then your husband can eat the rest and you will not have to share your expensive box of 100 calorie packets! It just makes sense… and cents.

And on that same thread, I’m using a hungry-girl recipe for Chicken Pot Pie for tonight’s dinner. I’m excited, 1- because I’ve never made homemade pot pie before, and 2- because it’s healthier than normal. Last night we did vegetarian chicken patty sandwiches and salad. I’m proud of how cultured we’re becoming.



  1. i looovvveeee hungry girl….lemme know how it goes

  2. OH! How was the potpie, afterall? I love homemade chicken pot pie and it is be easy, too!

  3. It was easy to do, and it was tasty if you don’t require a bunch of flavor. Pretty bland otherwise. It needs herbs! But hey, what do you expect for a healthier alternative? It’s far better than just baked chicken with steamed veggies every single night. I mean, it’s good to shake it up every now and then. 🙂

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