Posted by: angelnorman | June 9, 2008

Fun in the sun, as long as there’s water to cool me off.

Lazy summer days in the pool sound alright to me! 

I found the perfect way to kill a few hours each day: say to heck with the fact that our little swimming pool needs air in its top ring, fill ‘er up with water to the second ring at least, and get in and splash away for hours! Nick and I did that very thing this morning. We were out there for 3 hours before my tummy began to growl and I realized it must be lunch time. Despite the fact that the pool wasn’t very full, it was at least enough to keep us cool in this 92-degree weather we’ve got going on today. A few bath toys and a bucket for dumping mass amounts of water out of the pool, and Nick was content. He would have loved to stay in the rest of the afternoon, I’m sure.

Such a big man!

So that answers my question about what to do every day this summer! HA. At the very least, perhaps I can talk Mike into getting a decent-sized pool and then I can float in the sun alongside Nick for hours a day… with sunscreen on of course.

Getting ready to dump that bucket of water on me.

I’m not a tanner. In fact, I’m currently peeling on my arms and my nose and forehead from the sunburn I got in Gatlinburg two weeks ago up at Ober. We were closer to the sun up there and my burn was bad! I have little flakes of skin all over my clothes at any given moment thanks to my crazy peeling arms, though, so it’s gross and I hate it. I’m going to keep donning my sunscreen and only secretly wishing I were more tanned like some of my friends and family with good skin pigmentation.

Anyways, if you see any bigger-sized pools that are cheap, let me know because me and my water baby LOVE to swim and can think of no better way to spend the summer out of the house than being in a nice cold swimming pool!


In other news, my kid is a fan of vegetarian chik patties! I think this is hilarious since it’s what I ate almost everynight for dinner while pregnant with him, at least for the first couple of months until I started craving real meat and cheese and such. He ate two “sticks” (I buy the patties, cook them, and then slice them into stick-shapes for salad toppings), so I’m happy to have found something healthy that is a good alternative to our standard PB&J sandwich that he’ll eat. He’s not been eating well lately at all, and this weekend was no better.

So if you got any good recipes for getting kids more fruits and veggies at each meal that doesn’t involve smoothies (my kid drinks nothing that looks like a milkshake!), pass them my way too.



  1. Looks like my budz had fun today! Wish I was there to splash around.

    Love you both!

    Moma (aka Gran)

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