Posted by: angelnorman | June 13, 2008

Even though your skies are blue

Super cute things.

Me: (noticing the dried flaky food residue on Nick’s cheeks) Nick, what in the world is on your face?
Nick: (matter-of-factly)  Skin.

HA. It was peanut butter, by the way. And dried applesauce.

Imagine this. We are sitting in the office making suncatchers today. We’re listening to my super cool playlist, and Hurt by Johnny Cash just so happens to be playing. Nick says, “Oh I LOVE this song!” I look at him, confused, and ask him if he means that particular song or not. He says, “Yes, and Fire.” Fire? I ask. Fire he says. So I say, “Ring of Fire?” So I play it for him.

Ring of Fire is indeed what he wanted to hear as was evident by how he sang along, “Down down down, FIRE! Burn, Burn, Burn, FIRE!”

I love that he shares my taste in music, can ya tell?

As mentioned, Nicholas and I made suncatchers today.

Awesome Diego tat, eh?

He loved it. And he did everything you see here completely by himself. All I had to do was stick some contact paper to my window, sticky side out, and put the first tissue paper square on. He quickly caught on and placed the second, third, fourth, etc… till he was satisfied. When he was done wth the second one he said, very professionally, “Next!” I couldn’t help but laugh, you know.



  1. Those look fantastic. I’ve been wanting to do something similar with crayon shavings but I always forget contact paper. One day I’ll remember it!

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