Posted by: angelnorman | June 20, 2008

reaping the whirlwind?

What a week.

Monday- Went to the Y, worked out and swam around with some of our bestest friends, had lunch and watched Germany winning against Austria in the Euro. Came home, had a nap, woke up to Michelle coming in (she’s got her own key and all). Went to dinner with Michelle who was staying overnight with us while Mike was out of town– yes, yes. I’m a chicken. Stayed up way too late eating Goo-goos and watching the latest hour long Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Tuesday- Laundry and yardwork kept me pretty busy most of the day. Couldn’t weed-eat because I couldn’t get the blasted thing started. Nick napped and I tried to get the house straightened so that Mike didn’t come back home to chaos. Went to Mayfield that night to do the bible study. Came home to a terribly messy office thanks to Mike’s new equipment that he’ll be using for his job, ordered a pizza, ate dinner, and went to bed.

 Wednesday- Got up and went to a playdate at the fountains at a local hospital. May seem strange for a playdate, but it was secluded and fun all at the same time. Plus, I had the chance to hang out with this girl AND this girl… making it the second time that I’d seen them in one week. (This having the car thing is pretty nice, you know!) Got some coffee at the Bux, put Nick down for a nap, met Mike at Avis so we could return our rent-a-car and then rushed to Green Hills to see a sneak preview of Wanted, as in that new Angelina Jolie flick. She was very hot as usual, and the movie wasn’t so bad either. Lots of blood and violence, bad language, and a glimpse of Angelina’s behind– but it did have a decent storyline.

Thursday- Got up yesterday, took Mike to work because I needed the car, came home and put Nick back to bed. Woke him up at lunchtime and took him to the Splash Out! thing they were having at Seigel, where we had his birthday party. The M’boro fire department came out and hooked a hose up to a hydrant and let all the kiddies play in it. Nick hated every second of it, so we stayed 15 minutes then left.

Got Mike from work, came home, and when Mike and Nick were outside walking the dogs/cleaning off our filthy wading pool, our neighbor’s pit bull mix got out of the fence and attacked my sweet Alex (my long haired chihuahua)… hurt him pretty bad too. Rushed him to the vet, had some x-rays taken, and they determined that he was super lucky and that he’d be okay. Went broke trying to help him– Actually, we had $185 in the bank and it cost us $183 to take care of the dog… God = good!

Alex is fine by the way. He’s limping, he’s swollen, and occasionally he still whimpers as he moves around. But he’s going to be okay because the x-rays showed no problems and he is eating, drinking, and pottying all normally.

And to ease your mind, we are indeed looking into a privacy fence now so that her dogs cannot even see us when we’re outside and cannot jump or crawl under the fence as easily. My sweet neighbor feels very badly– she is paying us back for the vet bill AND she’s offered to pay for part of the fence down her side. So I’m not angry with her and I’m not pressing any sort of charges against her dog or reporting her or anything. We just need to work together peacefully towards solutions where it never happens again, you know?

Today, I am finally able to breathe.


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