Posted by: angelnorman | June 21, 2008

Royal Crown (Cola) and a Moonpie, deep fried of course

“The Chattanooga Bakery was founded in the early 1900’s as a subsidiary of the Mountain City Flour Mill in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The bakery’s original purpose was to use the excess flour produced by the mill. By 1910, the bakery offered over 200 different confectionery items. In 1917, the bakery developed a product which is still known as the MoonPie…. By the late 1950’s, the MoonPie® had grown in popularity, so much that the bakery did not have the resources available to produce anything else. The phrase “RC Cola and a MoonPie®” became well known around the South, as many people enjoyed this delicious, bargain-priced combination. “

— Courtesy of

Today we went to Bell Buckle in Bedford County, TN, to the annual RC Cola and Moonpie Festival. Ever since I heard of this festival back when I first got married, I’ve wanted to go. Each and every year the moonpie festival came around and I either didn’t notice or I was too busy doing something else and never made it out.

I didn’t really know what to expect short of a lot of moon pies and RC Cola, and had I planned better (and had Nick had a nap beforehand), we might would have had a better time. Essentially all we did was go down there to Bell Buckle, eat some bad for us foods, ride a hayride, and share a deep fried moonpie.

That’s right. Deep fried. Moon pie.

You ain’t never had a moonpie till you’ve had it deep fried. Honestly it tasted like the oohiest gooiest, softest s’mores I’ve ever had. I couldn’t eat it all by myself so Mike helped me out. Nicholas refused any part of it, but by that time he was falling asleep so we had to enjoy it in our car on the way home.

So, so worth it.

Nicholas did however have his first RC Cola. I felt like Granny was in Heaven smiling down on me for finally introducing him to one of her favorite drinks. She would have loved such a festival were she still around. Two great southern traditions celebrated in one place with music, shoping, and overpriced food.

I didn’t get to see much of the festival, I admit. Like I said, I hadn’t known to expect such crowds and Nick’s irritability and such, so if I had gotten there earlier perhaps or if I had allowed myself the time to walk around more I might would’ve loved it more.

Mike and I decided that if Nick still needs naps next year at 4 years old, then we’re going alone so that we can enjoy it fully! Maybe by then though Nick will not have as many meltdowns when he’s an hour late for his usual nap.


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